Review of Yokohama Car Tires

An insight into Yokohama Company

Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd, which is primarily based in Tokyo, has been in the tire business as early as 1917. The company put a foot in the US in the year 1969 and since then has expanded to over 4,500 point of sales in the United States. This is a remarkable achievement by this global leader in the tire segment and it has the latest technology and innovation that makes it one of the global leaders in the tire manufacturing business. The company has made a niche entry into almost all the major cities of the world with its various types of high quality vehicle tires.

Types of tires:

There are plenty of tire companies like Continental, Goodyear, and Goodrich etc that provide quality tires, but Yokohama is the only tire company that will provide you with top quality models at a fairly lower price than its competitors. As there are plenty of tire models that are available at Yokohama Tires Company, one will have to carefully choose the tire type depending on the location where the vehicle is used, weather conditions in the area etc, terrain etc. Some of the common Yokohama tires are: ADVAN Support, AVS Sport, AVID TRZ, AVS ES 100, Prada Spec-2, AVID Touring, Geolandar H/T G900 etc.

If a person is planning to go for Yokohama Tire, then dwelling on the features and uses of these various tire models will help him in locating the suitable tire for his vehicle. Let us study the pros and cones of each tire in detail.

The AVID T4 tire:

The AVID T4 is the best tire to come out from the stable of Yokohama and has features like excellent road grip, versatile, noise reduction and very comfortable. They can be used in all types of terrains and will make travelling an enjoyable experience. Most of the owners of AVID T4 are satisfied with the tires performance. The drawbacks of these tires according to some customers are: not highly durable, could have got better grip in light rain and are not suited for snowy conditions.

The AVID touring Series:

Another all season tire that is in the market for quite a few years is the Avid Touring series of tires. The radial design of the tire is very handy in wet and dry weather conditions. The tire treads are a few inches deep and this enables the vehicle to move smoothly over slight snowy conditions. Some of the pros of AVID Touring passenger car tires are: better riding comfort, longer life span, reasonable price, great traction, highly durable, great stability and with a tread warranty of 65,000 miles. Some of the cons of these tires are: not super responsive, max speed limit of 112 mph slightly on the lower side, belts get separated after sometime, unstable on groovy roads and traction is not up to the mark.

The AVS ES100 tire:

The AVS ES100 is one such tire that is designed to be used during heavy summer. It is also a high performance tire but has its own drawbacks as it will not at all be suited to people who live in area where there is constant weather changes. The advantages of these tires are that they possess excellent tread design, are really inexpensive and will work the best in summer conditions. The drawbacks of these tires are: faster tread damage, noisy and easily wears out.

Special Eco friendly tire:

A special eco-friendly tire that is developed by Yokohama Tire Company is the dB Super E- Spec. This is the only tire in the whole world that is made out of the combination of natural orange oil and rubber. This use of orange oil along with various other naturally derived components has helped in significantly reducing the use of petroleum materials for making the tires. These tires are useful in places where there is lots of sunshine. They provide a smoother ride on wetter roads too, but are not at all suitable to drive during winter weather conditions. The durability of the tires is not so good and the noise level picks up once the tires cross the 5,000 mile mark.

The latest entrant into the wide range of Yokohama tire is the S. drive tire. They are most suitable for summer and wet conditions. The S drive provides its users with excellent road grip and handling features. The Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S is an all season tire which uses a silica based tread compound that will provide excellent grip on the road during heavy wet conditions. The tires have an aggressive side which enables it to manage in snowy conditions as well.


As there are plenty of tires manufactured by Yokohama Tire Company with various specifications, one will have to choose a tire that is best suited for him depending on the weather conditions in his area, longevity and features that he is looking for at an affordable price.

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