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Review of Will Vision Car Tires

If you are looking for a smooth and comfy ride in your car, then having a perfect wheel and tire is very crucial. You may be using your car to go on a vacation with your family or will be going on a business trip; every plan will end up in a bumpy ride if you don’t have proper wheels and tires for your car. The width of the wheel size, the bolt pattern and the tire size has to be properly known before choosing a right wheel for your car.

Will Vision wheels be useful?

Before checking on if Vision wheels will suit your requirements, let us get to know more about the company at first. The Vision wheels company has been in the business of tires and wheels for over 34 years. Their main product is wheels and the company will go all out to satisfy their customers with custom made wheels that will add luxury and enhance the beauty of the customer’s car. The company had a real hunger for being the top wheel manufacturer not only across US but globally and this vision has driven them to be thinking way ahead of the current trend. What this means is that they are always looking forward to the future and hence the technology, design and distribution patterns will be different from other companies. They are the market leader as far as custom wheels are concerned with over 20 models of new wheel styles and about 47 different finishes to showcase.

Types of Vision wheels:

The most common type of Vision wheels that is also popular is the chrome style custom wheels. These are very sophisticated wheels that promise greater durability and sturdiness to enhance the performance of the vehicle.

Milanni Wheels:

The latest brand of Vision custom wheels is the Milanni wheels. These are the hottest trend wheels that are made as per custom specifications using chrome and are most suited for cars, SUV’s and trucks. These wheels are a luxury range of custom wheels and hence they enhance the beauty of the car to a greater extent. Pit will make people sit up and notice your car.

V-Tec wheels:

The V Tec brand of custom chrome wheels are also in great demand in the market as they come in a variety of finishes that is sure to catch the attention of every naked eye. The new line of product in the V Tec wheel category is the off road wheel types that are best suited for SUV’s and trucks. The V –Tec style 392 Brutal wheel that comes in a variety of finishes and sizes are the latest product of Vision wheels that was launched in 2010. The Raptor 372 that has a superb phantom black finish is a niche one that fits well on SUVs’ that are black in color.

ATV/ UTV wheels:

The first wheel manufacturer company to offer 15 inch custom wheel and tire for the ATV/ UTV customers was Vision Wheels. The ATV and UTV range of custom wheels have been widely accepted by many ATV owners and hence the demand for these wheels & tires is on the rise. The ATV publications have come up with rare reviews of Vision wheels and this has increased the reputation of the company enormously. Now, Vision Wheels ATV and UTV wheels are the most popular choice among the vehicle owners all across the globe.

Warranty offers from Vision Wheels:

The Vision Wheel Company provides lifetime structural warranty on almost all their range of wheel products including Milanni and V-Tec wheels. Also, a one year warranty is provided by the company for the finish. This means that if anything happens to the metallic finish of the wheel, it will be immediately replaced by the company, of course the wear and tear is not included here. If there are any problems that occur with V-Tec or Vision wheel or Milanni wheels, all a customer has to do is to take it to the place where the wheel was purchased from and the rest will be taken are by the company.

Did you get what you were looking for?

This article has discussed in detail about the various wheels and tire that Vision Wheel Inc provides its customers with. The main drawback that I see in this company is that they do not have the proper tire manufacturing set up for a host of various models of wheels. The features and the performance of the wheels are in par or are slightly better than all the leading wheel manufacturing companies all around the world. The price of Vision wheel products will not fit easily in the budget of the common man as the company has its focus set on high end spending customers.

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