Review of Vogue Car Tires

An introduction of Vogue Company

The Vogue Tires and Rubber Company started the manufacture of custom made luxury tires as early as 1914. The first product that the company used to market those days was the whitewall version of tires. The white wall version tires became an instant hit and it was the main choice of car owners who wanted a tinge of luxury added to their wheels. Even though Vogue tire & Rubber Company was a relatively small one when compared to other giant tire manufacturing companies, the sidewall design of their tires made a huge impart in the tire market those days. Harry Hower, the founder of Vogue Tire Company, designed the popular white sidewall tire and this tire model was in demand till the early 1980’s. Now the sales of the whitewall tires have totally diminished. The Vogue Tire &Rubber Company then came up with the idea of custom built luxury car tires to woo the attention of the customers.

Features of the tires:

The Vogue tires have been a major player in the tire market for the past 90 years. The performance, durability, designs and technology has been continuously giving its customer with great performance oriented tires for so many years. People who like to spend a wee bit extra for the tires choose Vogue tires for their cars. There are plenty of custom built radial side wall tires that are manufactured by Vogue Tire & Rubber Company. Let use study all the features provide by the company for the specific tires. All the tires that come out of the Vogue Tire & Rubber Company will either have a white or a gold side wall. Let us first study in detail about the Signature V tire. This tire has features like: excellent road grip, wider tread base, all season tire, excellent rim design, can take extra load and has high performance.

Types of tires:

The Vogue Custom built L/R is designed for custom car market and it will give that luxury and stylish look to your car. The White wall and Gold wall strip that is present in the side of the tire will add the glamour quotient to the car and it provides the car owner with a symbol of high quality and distinctiveness. Some of the other features of this tire are: gold puncture control pad, polyester body piles that provides better strength and durability to the tire. The gold puncture control pad will enhance the safety of the vehicle.

Custom Built tires:

One can enjoy the best possible ride with Custom Built Radial IX model tire. This is an all season tire that gives its owner higher mileage, travel comfort, grater traction, greater durability and high sturdiness. The 40,000 and 80, 000 mileage warranty for the V speed rated radial tires and S speed rated radial tires respectively is sure to attract the customers. The reduction in the noise levels and vibrations and the resistance to rim slippage are some of the added features of Custom Built Radial IX tires.

The Vogue Custom Built Radial VII has a distinctive tread pattern with excellent traction will provide the much needed sturdiness to the tire. The Vogue Custom Built Radial VIII radials has an asymmetric tread design that will support all season traction, high quality of tire ride and better vehicle handling. The comfort that the driver and the passenger get on long drives makes it a perfect choice for long distance car users. The 40,000 km warrant for the V model and the 60,000 km warranty for the H speed radial model makes this luxury tires a must own tire for people who wish to spend a few bucks to add richness to their car’s looks.

All Season Wide Trac tire:

If it is all season tread design, excellent mileage and added comfort that you are looking in your tire, then Vogue Wide Trac Touring II tire is the best suited one for you. Both S and H speed rating tires are available and the 720 tread life of the S brand is the only one such tire in the industry. High performance with lesser noise and good riding comfort will surely be an added advantage for those possessing these Vogue car tires.

Is the tire affordable?

Even though there are plenty of Vogue car tires that suit your entire tire requirement, the high price of these tires will make it a one to own by middle class people. The Vogue tires are built with a focus of targeting the rich and the affluent people. Most of the tires after a long period of usage get worn out and hence despite paying superior prices the quality of tires is a bit inferior to one’s liking. The blow out of the tires on the highways is becoming a common issue of late and this is due to the inferior quality of the product. Vogue tires are mainly purchased for the rich look and it will not be handy to customers who think of buying tires for using it rather than keeping it as a show piece in the garage.

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