Review of Uniroyal Car Tires

About the Uniroyal Inc company:

The United States Rubber Company is one of the oldest tire manufacturing companies in the US that has been in existence since 1892. The United States rubber company slowly expanded its wings in the US market and by the year 1941, they bought some shares of the Gillette Safety tire Company thereby becoming one of the largest and the leading manufacturer of original tires. The company changed its name to Uniroyal Inc in 1961 and since then is known by this name. The Uniroyal Tiger that we always associate with the
Uniroyal Tire company is a household figure which represents the company symbolically and this tiger came into existence in 1964. The company is dedicated and devoted in producing quality and reliable tires that will help its customers go the extra mile.

Looking for a tire:

If you are planning to purchase a set of tires for your car and are confused in knowing exactly how to purchase the right one for your car, then your search engine has landed you in probably the best site that will provide you with all the details which you will need to scan through to purchase the desired tires. The common question that you are going to face from a tire dealer would be the type of tire you are looking for. The apt answer to this question should depend on the type of vehicle you use, the driving conditions and of course your budget. If you are looking for tires that provide you comfort and perfect road handling conditions, then touring tires will be the best suited for you. A sports car should always possess high performance tires that have soft rubber compound that not only improves the grip but will provide you with better comfort at higher speeds in either wet or dry conditions.

Go for all season tires:

Most of the tires that are manufactured by the tire companies like Uniroyal Inc, etc will have more number of all season tires rather than winter or summer tires. Almost all the various road conditions will be easily mastered by the all season tires. The harder rubber compound in these tires will help in improving the tire life during warm conditions and the deep water channels will aid the vehicles for better traction during wet rides. If you are residing in areas where there is snowfall and winter conditions for most part of the year, then going for winter tires is the best option. The winter tires will be able to easily perform well on icy, cold, snowy and wet weather. Also people who have vehicles to move around in off road conditions will have to go for off road tires that has stiffer sidewalls that has features of providing resistance to the tires against puncture.

Different types of Uniroyal tires:

As you have decided on the tires that you need to buy as per the weather conditions prevailing in your area, let us now learn in detail the different types of tires that Uniroyal Inc manufactures along with their advantages.

Tiger Paw Touring Series:

These tires have the capacity to adapt to any road conditions, be it rain, shine, cold or snow. The traction tread of these tires are suitable for all seasons and can evacuate water from the surface path. The all season touring cars and luxury touring automobiles will be best served by Tiger Paw AWP II tires from Uniroyal. They have excellent road grip conditions and are noiseless. The long and even tread wear on the contact path of the tire and the road will enhance the tread life of the tire. The tire comes with a 70,000 mile tread warranty.

The Laredo Cross Country series:

The best choice of SUV and light truck tires that are available in the market currently is the Laredo Cross Country tire. These tires enhance the road handling capacity of the vehicle and its durability and reliability is second to none when compared to other tire companies’ product in this class. There is no doubt that this tire is a very sturdy one that gives a 60,000 mile limited tread warranty.

Choose the best tire:

The above mentioned features and details are just to provide you an insight into the types of car tires that are made available by Uniroyal Inc. There are many tire users who are satisfied with the products and the after sales service meted out to the customers by the company. But this is just a guide to help you choose the car tire that would best suit your car. There may be certain unsatisfied customers of Uniroyal tires as well. This is generally the world phenomenon. No company will be able to manufacture tire that pleases every human being. So, it is up to us to see if the features offered by Uniroyal are according to our requirement or not. The decision to purchase of tire is entirely ours and we should be clear in our mind of what we are looking for.

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