Review of Trailfinder Car Tires

If you are an off road enthusiast, then you must defiantly be the owner of either an ATV or an UTV. Nowadays many people are taking interest in these off road vehicles. Hence, we see the demand for the ATV and UTV tires mushrooming in the recent years. Any person interested to tread the treacherous rocks and slope hills, will definitely be an adventure buff. The rugged weather conditions coupled with the terrain of the hills and slopes will be a worthwhile ride for any person interested to ride on bigger mountain vehicles. All these rock climbing experience will only come to the fore if the ATV’s or the UTV’s used for the ride to have a good tire backing. Without proper tire backing, an adventure into the rocky and bumpy mountains on your ATV will not at all happen. Thus leads us to the topic of finding the suitable tire for these harsh off road conditions.

Does Trailfinder have ATV tires?

The latest ATV tires to hit the market is the Trailfinder Tires. Any ATV tire should provide maximum support to the wheels as they are the ones that will endure with the tough off roads. There is no doubt that Trailfinder ATV tires are mainly designed for off road buffs who like to live life king-size. The Trailfinder ATV tires have an aggressive tread that will help in gripping on to the rocky patches of mountains and hills with consummate ease. Normally, the tires are available as 12” and 14” sizes with a durable 6 ply rating. A perfect ATV tire is one that provides maximum support to the wheel base and Trailfinder exactly does that as it has true outer and inner rim to take care of the protection of the wheels.
Types of ATV tires:

The Trailfinder A/T tire:

The Trailfinder A/T is perfect for 400 cc and larger jumbo vehicles that are generally used for off road purposes. It comes in two varying sizes 12” and 14” and has a very durable 6 ply rating that has greater tread base which will enable it to ride smoothly on bumpy rocks and sluggish muddy roads. There will be no discomfort for the ATV’s and UTV’s to move gracefully and smoothly on these gruesome off roads. The Trailfinder tire uses consistent and large blocks of chevron tread design for obtaining maximum traction in all weather conditions. The shoulder blocks are very rigid and strong so as to enable better grip on the tire edges. The side traction that these tires provide will help in clearing the mud. The Trailfinder ATV Tire 25/10-12 and Trailfinder ATV Tire 25/8-12 are the most common types of ATV tires that are manufactured by the Traifinder tire company. The ecxcellent off road performance that these tired provide is obviously visible from the huge market demand of these tires.

Multi terrain Radial ATV Tires:
The higher end model of Trailfinder ATV tire is the Multi terrain radial ATV tire. The tire boasts of 15 inch tire size that will enable it to have an extra chunk of the tire grip the surface rather than the normal Trailfinder ATV tires. These tires have an even more flatter tread design that enables it to have more area in contact with the ground than the standard ATV/ UTV tires.

Uses of Multi terrain Radial tires:
There is a vast difference in the side walls in this tire model. The side walls are reduced here and hence it enhances the vehicle handling capacity to a greater extent even a t high speeds. The smooth maneuvering of the vehicle at blind and hard corners makes this tire a better choice for high speed drivers. The shock deflection features and the tread wear size normally comply with or even have a slightly better reading than the OEM requirements. This tire model has the perfect technology that provides the best traction in any weather conditions and on any terrain, be it rocky hills or muddy marshes, but without disturbing the comfort levels of the driver.

Have you found the best ATV tires?

There has been lot of research done on the ATV vehicle tires in this article. We have given you a complete insight of what the Trailfinder tire company has to offer in terms of ATV tires. Choosing the best ATV tire for your vehicle solely depends on your needs and usage. Also it is advisable that you look deep into the features of other ATV tires before deciding on choosing the tire for your vehicle. There may be plenty of offers from many companies at lower prices. But we suggest that you dig deep and analyze on the various options and do not blindly fall into the hands of tire companies that offer ATV tires at rock bottom prices.

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