4 New Solar 4XS 175/65R14 82H A/S Performance Tire By Sumitomo 1756514 175 65 14

End Date: Saturday Mar-31-2018 14:30:00 PDT
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8/00-19.5 SUMITOMO ST718 12 PLY BW Medium Commercial Truck Tire

End Date: Friday Apr-6-2018 17:08:53 PDT
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1 New Solar 4XS 225/50/16 92H A/S Performance Tire By Sumitomo 2255016 225/50R16

End Date: Saturday Mar-31-2018 14:28:16 PDT
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2 New Solar 4XS 185/60R15 82T A/S Performance Tire By Sumitomo 1856015 185 60 15

End Date: Saturday Mar-31-2018 14:29:59 PDT
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Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 245/40R17/XL Tire

End Date: Wednesday Apr-4-2018 6:38:08 PDT
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Sumitomo STH76U Touring LS H 225/65-17 Tire (Set of 4)

End Date: Saturday Mar-31-2018 4:23:52 PDT
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255/40-17 SUMITOMO HTR Z II 94W BW Ultra High Performance Tire

End Date: Wednesday Mar-28-2018 18:28:44 PDT
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Sumitomo 5517682 HTR Z 315/35-17 LL Tire (Set of 2)

End Date: Sunday Apr-15-2018 5:24:21 PDT
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1 New Solar 4XS 205/55/16 91H A/S Performance Tire By Sumitomo 2055516 205/55R16

End Date: Saturday Mar-31-2018 14:30:01 PDT
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NEW Sumitomo Rubber HTR A/S P01 225/60R16 98H Tire 225 60 16

End Date: Sunday Mar-25-2018 14:28:05 PDT
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Review of Sumitomo Car Tires

Sumitomo is a premium export brand of Sumitomo rubber industries Ltd; with its reputed quality features it proves to be a unique amalgamation of value and quality. It is branched by the resources of Sumitomo group which is one of the leading business groups of the world. It’s an American based company with its resources and base in Japan. Sumitomo tires offers precision engineering and has categorized its product into every possible street tires for high performance.

The categories are performance tires, SUV tires and medium truck tires. They have well classified the various choices of vehicle consumers opt for and according designed innovative and leading edge technology tires to fit with different characteristics of all the vehicles and even the driving styles. Sumitomo has provided tires to serve the common purposes of public vehicles and streets unlike other brands of tires that specialize with an emphasis on other categories like the racing tires, heavy vehicle tires, off-road tires etc.

Sumitomo tires for passenger cars

Sumitomo’s precision engineering gas made several categories tires available for passenger cars which can be chosen depending on the car’s nature and driving style.

Every product has its own specialty and feature, the HTRZ can be availed in different ranges like HTRZ, HTRZ ll and HTRZ lll. All of them are well designed to give maximum performance along with the euro performance depending on the appeal of tune of street. They deliver enhanced wet and dry traction, exceptional handling and smooth drive. The tires are designed with straight and wide grooves which help for proper drainage in the wet regions and cover the warranty called “life of original tread”. The consumer with premium performance vehicles like Lexus, Infinity, BMW and Cadillac can avail the facility of direct replacement sizing. Likewise the consumers with tuner performance vehicles like Honda, Volkswagen, Nissan and Subaru can opt for true performance upgrade sizing. The other product is HTR 200, HTR T4 AND HTR AS/P01.

The most advanced of these three tires is HTR AS/P01. With 40,000 to 65000 mile limited tread wear warranty depending on the series, it provides a free replacement for defects in workmanship and material through the life of the tread, this features increase the reliability of the consumer. Sumitomo has designed this tire to meet the demand of multipurpose tire with combination of all season capabilities. Therefore it really counts the driving confidently on wet or dry roads, in heat or cold through light snow or driving rain. Due to this it is the most suitable direct replacement for higher performance tires on todays most popular and performance oriented vehicles.

Sumitomo high performance touring tires

The other category of high performance tires for passenger cars are the touring tires specially designed for touring and longer performance. The two categories of this product are touring LS T and Touring LS/HV. The best features of these products are the computer designed tread which gives a comfortable and quieter ride. Advanced carbon tread compound increases the tread life making endurable for all the seasons. The touring profile improves the overall performance. These tires are specially designed for higher H and V rayed speeds. Steel belts and Polyester bode make the structure rigid. The most important part is it’s cheaper than any other high performance tires which may have the same features.

Sumitomo tires for SUVs and Light trucks

This product is mainly designed for the purpose of load requirements for SUVs and light trucks, passenger car ride and sports car performance. As the appearance needs to fit for the plus sized look it has twin reversible sidewall. The tread pattern is non- directional for all the season. As the main purpose of these types of vehicle is to carry loads the tires should have perfect grip, therefore it has 2 in one shoulder blocks for superb lateral grip and secondary rib block for maximum weight grip.

Sumitomo medium truck tires

This product of Sumitomo is specially designed for heavy duty trucks and for commercial purpose. It can be found in various categories like ST 778. ST 709, etc. This incorporation of advanced features has been defined in such S-Tech designs. These products have high durability and versatile to be displayed on highway with spectacular handling for safe operation.

Price comparison

As the consumers who opt for Sumitomo is more because they moreover cover all the demands of commercial transportation market, personal cars, SUVs covering the public streets and highways, their prices are quiet cheaper in comparison to the quality standard it provides. Therefore any one can afford it increasing the demand of these tires even more.

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