Review of Riken Car Tires

Search for a new tire

I was in search of new tires for my car. One of my friends who have a tire dealership suggested the name Riken to me. I was hearing that name for first time. My friend tried to convince me about the efficiency of Riken tire even though it is cheaper than other branded tires. I wanted to know more about it. So I searched the internet for the details. I came across many interesting facts about Riken. I couldn’t believe that a tire company can offer such lower rates for such quality tires. I am really glad enough to share these facts with you. I found out that there were many satisfied customers for Riken tires even though I was not aware of the existence of such a tire. When I did more research about the Riken tires I was convinced that the information my friend gave me about this brand was true in all aspects.

The Riken Series

The Riken tires are manufactured by the famous Michelin Company. The Riken series include Riken HR Raptor, Riken VR Raptor and Riken ZR Raptor versions. The tires in this series have great looks as well as great performance to their credit. The excellent tread pattern and advanced components used in the tread gives this series good grip in all weather conditions. The attractive contouring of the treads makes it different from other tires. What ever be your driving style, the wear and tear is not so much when compared with the costly tires. My new Riken has covered 5000 miles and I am happy that there is no commendable change in the appearance of Riken form what I have first installed it. Now I have started giving free advice to my friends and relatives about installing Riken tires for their vehicles. I know that I am not bluffing and I am suggesting a real good tire at half the price of other renowned tires in the market.

Performance of Riken

Any person who has experience with Riken tires will agree that they put up fairly good performance. Any new user will be impressed by the performing ability over other tires. The computer based tread ensures more comfort while driving. They give the user a comfortable ride even in difficult terrains. The scuffing of the wheels is taken care of by the use of the rim protector. Michelin has great research experience in the designing of the tires and it is shown in the working performance of its tires including Riken. I was actually pleasantly surprised when I came to know that Riken is actually a product of Michelin.

Affordable price range

This is an area which made me really stunned while I was gathering information about Riken series of tires. You can call Riken as moderate to cheaper priced tires as the price range for single tire is from $95 to $110 in the case of car tires and a slightly higher range for its light utility vehicle tires. These are the rates offered by online dealers and you can check the rates with the local dealers if you want to get it from them. I was skeptical about the performance of a tire that was priced really low but when I started to use it my doubts were cleared.

Proving its class

Riken has all- season tires for different kinds of vehicle so there is no need to change the tires in every season. Usually the tires from Michelin are designed in such a way to increase the fuel efficiency. We can expect the same performance from Riken also. Some of the car and mini vehicle tires from Riken reduces the tire friction and helps to get higher mileage. The European standard handling gives better cornering and it is for sure that any driver will enjoy the driving with Riken tires.

An irresistible choice

The above said features and qualities make Riken an irresistible choice for many car owners. There are only a few choices other than Riken in the tire business that offers to improve the look of the vehicle and gives superior performance. You get two sets of Riken tires at the price of one set of other tires. That means you can save a good amount of your hard earned money and that can be used for other needs. Riken is more than what you expect from a low priced tire as they are for people on a budget. One can easily find out the advantages as well as disadvantages of any tire by searching on the web. Tire companies will have their own websites featuring their products. There are review sites of tires which will give complete picture about the different types and models of tires and their prices.

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