Review of Prodigy Car Tires

The importance of good tires

In any vehicle tires are the most important part that provides safety to the machine and the people using it. The working of all the other units of a motor vehicle totally depends on the working condition of the tires of that vehicle. The controlling action of the steering wheel and the brakes in a vehicle is in turn controlled by the tires. So, if your car has worn out tires you are risking your life and that of the vehicles. Buying the tires that suite your vehicle is necessary for the long life of the vehicle. The person using the car should have the basic knowledge for selecting the right tires for the car.

Selecting the tire

Prodigy are not just rubbers containing air. They are the parts that move a vehicle forward. What ever load is on your car, the tires are the one to support the weight. So while buying a tire take into consideration what are you going to do with your vehicle. Are you going to use it just for travelling or you have to do some transportation work also using your vehicle. Select the tire accordingly. Your car company might have given some preferences on the type of tires that are suited for the vehicle gone for such tires. one can look for uniform tire quality (UTQ) grading of the tires while purchasing the tire this system make sure that three important criteria is taken into consideration by the manufacturers. They are the tread wear, temperature and traction.

Why you should get prodigy

Are you a driver who wants a smooth ride on the roads and hate bumpy rides then you should go for tires that are designed for smooth rides. Whenever a person buys new tires for his car what he will be looking for is long tread life and performance. Prodigy, the tires which are built by Yokohama offers its customers exactly the same. You wish that your car tires should perform all through the year irrespective of the weather conditions. Prodigy by all means will satisfy you by delivering commendable performance through out the year whether it is rain, snow or dry climatic conditions. At this time of recession you may surely want to save money while you buy some thing that means you will have a certain budget limit to buy the tires. With prodigy in the market you will not find it difficult to get the type of tire you want well within your budget.

Features offered by prodigy

Prodigy brand of tires are one of the most trusted tires in the present global tire market. Prodigy offers some irresistible features for the tires manufactured by them. The company claims that their tires comes with nylon cap covers which are joint less and hence will have more stability in all types of roads. The prodigy tire has special grips and grooves on the tires for providing traction in the snow as well as in wet climatic conditions. Prodigy offers a noiseless ride to its users. Of course, these are the features nobody can ignore while buying a new tire for your car.

What is “house brand” tire?

If the prodigy is produced by the Yokohama Company why it has a different name? You may ask this question to your self. Though it is produced by Yokohama the famous company from Japan, it is marketed as a house brand tire. Now you may ask what a house brand tire is. In short words they are private label tires. Private label tires or house brand tires are made by tire companies that have big brand names but are given some private labels so as to market it cheaply by their alliance group. House brand tires are equal to the major brand name from where they are coming, in workmanship and quality but have reduced pricing which helps you to save money.

Advantages and disadvantages of prodigy

Though prodigy has a big brand name to support it, many people think that there is some problem with prodigy as they are getting it for cheaper rates than other tires from Yokohama. The features and performance offered by prodigy actually can come only with a high price range. People are finding it difficult to believe that attire with such good features and such a high UTQ grading tire can come in unbelievably low rates. There not many options that is available for car tires from prodigy. They are not well marketed that people are not aware of the existence of such a brand of tire.iam sure that proper advertising and marketing will make prodigy a high selling and popular car tire in future. The fact that it delivers high performance the year around makes it more convenient to use.

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