Pit Bull


Pit Bull Car Tires

Pit bull tires, just like the inspiration for their name, are powerful and ferocious to look at. The projecting treads and bizarre tread designs that make the wheel look positively gruesome are the major elements of its strength. Pit bull has been around in the wheel circuit of the United States since 1994 and has captured a substantial market in the off-road variety. It is a tire for extreme trails. Read on below for a peek into what the pit bull can actually do and what it cannot.

Pit Bull Rocker ™ Extreme off road Tires

The Rocker is one of the varieties of Pit bull series. The other one is the Growler. The Rocker has made a huge surge into the tire market of the United States by providing one of the best performance tires for adventure riding. While riding on streets is not very comfortable with the heavy grooves and a weight of the tire, for off-road drives, nothing can beat the Pit Bull. For people interested in Rock Crawling, both the Growler and the Rocker are perfect choices. A point in favor of the Rocker is the low noise level. Obviously, anything as huge and this is expected to make a noise but the Rocker is surprisingly quite like dogs that don’t growl and only bite because on performance, the tire is matchless. The Rocker delivers all that is required from a heavy duty rough terrain tire. They provide a decent wear for the rough conditions in which they are used and are a great return on your money. With the Pit Bull Rocker, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Easy maintenance

Obviously, when these tires are meant for off road use, the deposition of mud and rocks in the huge grooves on the tire is inevitable. However, the construction of the tire has taken care of maintenance. The grooves provided are widely spaced so, you will not have a problem cleaning out the tire after a drive through a muddy and rocky trail. The sipes and deep lugs on the tire make cleaning a piece of cake. In terms of cost, the average cost of the tire is reasonable, if not very affordable.

Pit bull growler

Pit Bull Growler is the other variety of tier available in the Pit Bull range. Growler is a tire that is great for trail riding, sand riding, mud riding and snow riding. The Growler comes in two varieties – 8ply and 6ply. These tires meant for extreme rock and dirt has the secret of their high performance in their tread design. The varied block designs formed on the tread give it a sense of extreme power, dynamism and strength. Not only are these tires high in extreme performance, they are great looking too. The stud like design on the tire has a lot more to do with performance than with looks. The grooves are to increase traction, provide stability and provide easy maintenance. The edges of the tread blocks are rounded in order to reduce noise. The design also helps in increasing pr postponing wear. The special rubber compound present in the tire allows high flexibility of the tire, which is very much desirable on rocky trails.

Strength, performance and style

The over the shoulder lugs of the tires add extra strength to them. They are built using Fang technology. These lugs are special. They are customized to increase traction. Further, in rough terrain conditions, since the rim stands to be damaged, the tire comes with a rim guard. The attachment is real hefty and helps in protecting the rim as well as the wheel. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the tire in terms of looks, logo of the dog pit bull’s head, chain links and marks of lightning bolts have been provided. These tires are the ultimate choice for rough terrain riding.

Performance in different terrains

The Pit bull is a wild beast and loves the great outdoors. Rocky terrains bring out the best in these tires. More the rock, better the performance. It is like the tire loves challenging itself with rougher and tougher terrains. Unfortunately, the tires fails to perform on roads and understandable so. You cannot expect an elephant to walk comfortably in narrow streets, can you? The tire needs space. The grooves on the tire that produce such great support on rocks, create high rolling resistance and fall flat on their face on smooth streets. Driving is a real pain on streets. The performance improves on sand since the rolling resistance required on sand is higher. The tire provides better support and grip on the slippery surface. Performance on mud is better still. Both on wet and dry mud, the tire performs well. On trials, that may be rocky, muddy or carpeted with small foliage, this tire delivers good performance. In short, this tire is fond of all those terrains where sleek and sophisticated tires fear to tread.

Ratings on different terrains

While users have given this tire a five star rating for performance on rock, they have given it a two star rating on street, three stars on sand, three and a half on mud, four stars on trails and three on snow. The ratings collaborate with the synthesis above that the tire work well in the most scary road conditions.


It is a sad fact that the tire options for adventure sports enthusiasts is rather limited. However, when you have a choice like the Pit Bull, then you actually do not require much choice. It reduces confusion as well. These tires are as good as rough terrain tires can get. They are well protected by their design against the rough terrain and they also provide great support to the driver. They do not run well on streets, but that is not something worth considering because these tires are not meant for street use. Use them on your day out on a trail and enjoying the freaking thrill of adrenaline rush. These dogs don’t just sit and bark. They are performers.