Pirelli Tires

Pirelli is a tire company with one huge set of tires made for all types of vehicles. Every tire has been made to be unique. However, not every tire in the huge range is perfect. While there are some that are exceptional, others are mediocre and a few a down right bad. The following review is a summary of the bad, good, better and best tires offered in the Pirelli range. There is one thing that is to be said about this tire, though. With this tire brand, since the range is so huge, you will definitely find something that will fit your requirements. Being affordable and easily available in the United States, the tire offers many advantages. Read on below to get a peek into the different aspects of the Pirelli brand.

Pirelli winter carving tire

Are you among all those thousands of car owners who hate winters just because driving in winter is a nightmare? Well, with the Pirelli winter carving tire, your opinion is about to change. The traction that the tire provides on wet surfaces and snow is mention-worthy. The snow handling capacity of the tire is exceptional. Further, the tire does not make much noise, which is indeed a very welcome feature. Wear is also satisfactory. This tire is meant especially for winter and snow use. It gives good performance in full-snow conditions as well. One of the attractive features about the tire is that it is environmentally friendly, being made using non-toxic and aroma free oils. On the flip side, the tire cannot handle heavy snow unless studded. The wheels do not come with studs. In extreme winters and bad snow conditions, you can have stud fitted to the wheel for better performance.

Pirelli P400 Touring Passenger/Performance Tire

This tire has been very highly rated by users on performance and traction. However, this is dry season tire and not of much use in winters and heavy snow. It does hold up with rain pretty well, though. For moderate winters, the tire gives good performance. An added asset of the tire is that the noise they make is low. Some users are unhappy with the price up to an extent; their complaint is justifiable because you get a tire from a more well-known brand on paying almost the same amount of perhaps a buck or two more. In snow, some cheaper tires perform better. Nevertheless, the highlights of the tire make it worth the money if you do not compare it to other brands. Handling and acceleration with this tire is exceptional. Comfort is high. To put it in a nutshell, these tires are reliable in moderate temperatures and not very satisfactory in extreme ones. So, you can make a choice based on the place you live in.

Pirelli P3000 Passenger/Performance Tire

This is one tire that actually kicks ass when it comes to providing performance in passenger vehicles. Most of the users have given it a five star rating, although a few others have given it a four. So, on an average, it can safely be assumed that the tire is well liked by the huge user community. In addition, the tire is one of the best there is for good traction in rains. The tire performs wonderfully well in heavy downpours. The tire accelerates well and provides a highly comfortable drive. The price is good and the looks are good too. Well, the drawback of the tire is that unsatisfactory tread life. The tire provides high rolling resistance, which makes the car spend more fuel. So, logically, you might reduce a slight reduction in mileage. However, most of the users have reported an increase in mileage. Apart from these glitches, the tire is a high performer in all weathers.

Pirelli Scorpion A/T Truck/SUV Tire

This scorpion does not sting. It falls in love with your car and handles it like a baby. High in performance, your car will remain is good condition all the time you use the tire. The tire is good for both on road and off road conditions and the off road experience is awesome. However, it is not the best on snow. Traction reduces and so does the road grip. The tire is not very well equipped to handle heavy snow. The tire is not good on ice and slush. The wear is also good, not brilliant, but good and satisfactory. They also do not make much noise. The Scorpion range consists of several models such as A/T truck SUV tire, S/T truck SUV tire and I Truck SUV tire. So, basically, if you are on a lookout for a tire that is great on and off roads in moderate weather conditions, then your quest can stop at the Pirelli Scorpion.

Pirelli P zero range of tires

If you are a racer and love speed, then P zero can be your partner in mischief. Zoom on the road with the P zero series to experience the thrill on speed. This tire has been made to be very high in performance. The directional tread pattern is the wheel lends it low rolling resistance that acts as a spur in speeding. The wheel is great for racing but not all terrains. Do not attempt to go on rough trials because the low rolling resistance will have you tumbling along with the car.

Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Passenger/Performance tire

This tire is the kind of tire that can drive Pirelli enthusiasts away from the company. This is something that qualifies as poor. Except gook looks, nothing about the tire is appreciable. So, unless you are left on a planet where nothing is available but Pirelli P6 Four Seasons Passenger/Performance tire, do not attempt to buy the tire.


The company is good but sometimes, it bungles up with some of its tires. The range does offer a wide variety of good tires that are durable and provide high performance. The tires are affordable and when you choose rightly, offer a good return for your investment.

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