Pathfinder Tires

Pathfinder tires are a brand that has made its name as one of the best off-road tires. With high off-road performance, this tire is synonymous with all-terrain driving. While the company does bring out good tires for highway conditions, it is the performance of the tire off-road that takes the cherry and the entire cake. Pathfinder is a private brand. It supplies tires to one of America’s biggest tire dealers to operate independently, the Discount Tire. Of course, the tire does have a tiny loophole here and there, which is mentioned in the paragraphs below. Make up your mind based on the pros and cons and secure yourself and your car against bumpy rides and uneven traction.


Varieties in Pathfinder

In order to match different usage patterns, Pathfinder is available in four different varieties. So, before you buy a Pathfinder tire, make sure that you understand the features and suitability factors of each of these tires and choose your tire accordingly. The tire should fit your driving environment. The different varieties in the range are Pathfinder All-Terrain Tire, Pathfinder SUV Tire, Pathfinder Luxury tire and Pathfinder Trail AP tire. While the Pathfinder All-terrain tire is for high performance in rough off-road conditions, Pathfinder SUV tires focus on exceptional durability and comfort of the passengers. The Luxury Tire is well suited for highway driving and is surprisingly affordable. The Pathfinder Trail AP tire is one of the best known tires, again for off-road conditions. All the tires in the Pathfinder range are affordable. These tires have made a mark not only in the United States but also in different parts of Europe. They are easily available all over the world.

Pathfinder ATR A/S Truck/SUV Tire

Rated 4.5 out of 5, the Pathfinder ATR A/S Truck/SUV tire is great for use in light weight trucks and SUVs. According to users, the tires provide a very smooth ride and are durable too. Unlike many other tire brands, the tire does not make a lot of noise. While most of the tires increase their noise with wear, the noise levels of this tire are more of less equal. They never make more noise. In addition, the tires provide high stability and are soft. They are good for use in all weather conditions and are extremely affordable. All four tires together will cost you something between $600 and $800, which is pretty reasonable considering the costs of many other tire brands. According to users, the tire is highly recommendable. However, fitting the tire can be a bit of a problem.


Pathfinder Sport SUV OWL Truck/SUV Tire

This tire has been rated four out of five. Users are exceptionally satisfied with the smoothness of the tire. The drive tends to be very smooth, in addition to proving great traction and high performance. Traction in snow has found special mention with a lot of users, although this is one aspect that has left a lot of other users disappointed. Nevertheless, the traction is good, the tread design is attractive and the tire is very affordable. However, the tire does present certain problems. Firstly, it does not cater to all sizes. Wearing is also questionable. In addition, the wheel makes noise, which increases with wear. It may not give expected performance for a large truck. Wearing becomes noticeable after 15,000 to 20,000 miles. A few users also mention problems in balance during wetness and snow. The biggest problem, however, is that the tires can reduce mileage.


Pathfinder Sport SUV Truck/SUV tire

In the Pathfinder range, this tire is a disappointment. Users have reciprocated each other’s sentiments regarding the tire by giving it an (very important) “average” rating of 3.  Individually, many of them have given the tire not more than a 2. The biggest among the few highlights about the tire is its good looks. If looks can be deceptive, then several users would have staked their money for this less-than impressive tire. Nevertheless, in performance, the tire ranks poorly. The balance is bad, traction is bad, wet surface driving can positively be dangerous and the tread wear is unsatisfactory. For an SUV or a truck, the off road performance of the tire is not good. Although the tire is okay in the beginning, the performance declines with a vengeance with use. In a word, unless money and looks are your only concerns, keep away from this tire.


Pathfinder Trail AP tire

This one is an excellent tire from the house of Pathfinder. It is tough and excellent for off-road conditions. You can safely take off on uncouth trials and come out safe and happy. The tires offer good traction and resistance. As far as cost is concerned, this tire is a steal. The tire is also good for use all round the year. The balance is good and the noise levels are low. However, the problem with the tire is that it begins to vibrate very slightly when on highly rough trails. They give their best performance when used on medium and light weight trucks or SUVs. On the whole, this is a satisfactory tire for highways and off-roads as well. It offers good returns on your money.


Perfect all terrains

These tires are great for all terrains. They offer high traction and are good at balance, especially in conditions where the path is rocky and very uneven. Its ability to provide high performance in tough conditions is its high point.



The tires offered by Pathfinder are suitable for all types of vehicles and you can choose your tire based on your usage. For rough use, you will not find a better tire. Although some models of the tire range are not up to the mark in performance, most of them rank high in user ratings and are a good return on your money. You do not have to struggle to find them because they are readily available with all leading dealers in North America. For best results, replace all the tires, instead of one of two, with same Pathfinder tires for enhanced protection.

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