Pacemark Tires

Pacemark is one of the leading tire manufacturing companies in the United States. Available in almost a dozen different models and suited for various usage patterns, the Pacemark tire has made a mark in the American tire world. However, the most ironic issue with these tires is that there are surprisingly few reviews by users. An attempt has been made in the following article to give you an idea about the strengths and weaknesses of six most popular tires in the Pacemark range. One thing that has to be mentioned at the outset is that the tread wear of the tires is very good and the average rating stands at 376. The following honest assessment should be able to help you decide whether Pacemark is the tire for your vehicle.


Pacemark G/T HR Asymmetric

Rated “A” in both temperature and traction, this tire is the highlight of the Pacemark range. Being of radial construction with 340 tread rating, the tire offers high performance in all weathers. With tread wear, the rule of thumb is higher the number, better the wear and an average of 340 is a good figure. While most of the tires are rated “B”, for temperature resistance, this is one of the few that is rated an “A”. The tire is, hence, good for use in both summers and winters as it adjusts to temperature fluctuations. The tire has a long life and does offer a good return on your money. The “A” rating in traction is useful when you drive in different road conditions. The tire stops within a very shot distance of application of brakes even during heavy rains. The tire sustains better on the slippery surface following snow. The tires are cheap.


Pacemark Super GT

Pacemark Super GT is another one in the Pacemark range that has an “A” rating in both traction and temperature, thus making it an effective all-weather tire. With an “H” rating in speed and 340 tread wear; this tire stands the test of time and you for a long time. The tire is high in performance and easy in handling. The patterns on the tread are computer generated and they provide a higher control in steering. Safety factor is high. Traction, being graded “A”, is one factor that stands out among the various positive feature of the tire. The well-cut tread patterns throw out water while driving in wet conditions and help in better traction. The tire is also useful in snow. The design on the tread also allows for even load distribution, which enhances the life of the tire. You can easily reach speeds up to 130 mph with the tire. Apart from the technical details, the tire is great to look at. With stylish side walls and sleek look, the tire presents a picture of efficiency.


Pacemark Radial HR

The Pacemark Radial HR has a tread wear of 320, in addition to temperature and traction grade being “A”. The tires are available in all rim sizes, so you will not have a problem with finding a replacement. They are also easily available. With bold “N shaped grooves on the tire, it works well in wet and muddy conditions. The tire corners well and gives durable performance. This tire is one of the top rated tires in the Pacemark range. As the name suggests, the tire is of a radial construction. It is reasonably priced and worth a buy. In terms of appearance, the tire looks powerful and no-nonsense. In keeping with the look, the tire offers high performance.



This tire from Pacemark has an “AA” rating in traction and an “A” rating in temperature resistance, which makes it better than most of the tires available in the market today. In keeping with the ratings, the traction is excellent in all weather, following which; the safety of the tire is enhanced too. However, the problem with this tire is tread wear. While the average rating of the brand stands at 376, this tire only offers a tread wear rank of 300. This value is lower than the other good tires of the series too. Nevertheless, the supreme traction and exceptional temperature resistance tilts the balance in favor of this tire. It is one of the popular buys. It is available in all rim sizes. It is of a radial construction.


Pacemark Premium A, S

This is one tire form the Pacemark brand that has mixed reviews. The tire has been graded “A” in traction but “C” in temperature resistance. So, it is not fit for extreme weather changes. However, if you plan to drive in moderate climates, then this tire is the best in its range. The biggest highlight about the tire is its tread wear. It stands at a whooping 560, which is the highest value in the range. So, it is up to you to make a choice. The tire is extremely durable in moderate climates. If you put it through temperature hardships, then the tire does not give high performance. The traction is good and along with the tread wear factor, it does make one of the best tires for moderate weather conditions. The size of this tire is P235/75R15 XL.


Pacemark Snow Trakker

Rated four out of five stars, the tire is a good one to invest on. As the name indicates, it is perfect for snowy weather. The traction is very high and so, the vehicle does not skid in the snow. Although ideal for snow, the drawback of the tire is its noise factor. The tire makes a lot of noise. The tire can be made better by provision on studs.


Overall review

On the whole, the tire is recommendable and advantageous for use in different terrains. The cost price of the whole range is low and affordable by everybody. The traction of every model is high, but Snowtrakker needs a special place of mention since it is one of the best of the tire when it comes to driving in snow.

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