Nokian Tires

Nokian tires have been reputed for their cost effectiveness. However, the factor cost goes right out of the window if a tire is unsafe and causes accidents in large numbers. For a tire to pick up sales, it has to be a blend of affordability and safety, which is something that Nokian offers.  Nevertheless, the tire has certain drawbacks that might tilt the balance against it. Below given is a review about the different kinds of tires that the company offers, the different reasons why you should buy the tire and the reasons why you might want to keep away from it.

Types of tires available in the Nokian range

Whatever be the category of tire, such as passenger, utility, sports and trucks, Nokian offers two choices – winter tires and summer tires. The company has a range of eco-friendly tires called eNTYRE range. The tires manufactured by the company in passenger range are – Nokian WRG2, WR, H, V and ZV2. In the SUV range, the range of options is Nokian WRG2 SUV, WR SUV, Z SUV, HT SUV, Vatiiva A/T, Vatiiva H/T and Vatiiva M/T. In the vans sections, the tires available are Nokian WR C Van, WR C Cargo, Hakka C Van and Hakka C Cargo. In heavy vehicles range, the company manufactures tires for different heavy duty uses such as agriculture, load carriers, earth moving, forestry, mining and tunneling and all-terrain armored military vehicles. All the tires have their own distinct features, advantages and disadvantages, as are listed below.


Nokian for passenger vehicles – a review

All the tires available in this range offer good all-season performance. However, the problem is lack of easy availability. The noise is low, traction is acceptable and for winter use, the tires have come out winners. However, certain have complaints regarding driving in wet and heavy rain conditions. In summer, the performance is appreciable. If you go through various reviews and summarize them, you will be left with just one conclusion – they are exceptionally high in performance in extreme snows. For people who live in cold countries where snow is a big issue, this tire can be a perfect solution. The drawbacks of the passenger range of tires are that they are not very cheap. They are also not available in all sizes. Mileage may be another problem, although this factor of the tire has a lot of mixed reviews. When compared to tires by other companies in similar performance range, the cost of Nokian tires is higher. However, being high in performance, users do not mind shelling out a few extra bucks. Overall, the tire has been rated four out of five stars by maximum number of users, although a couple of exceptional critics have rated it at one star!


Nokian SUV range

Nokian WRG2 is one of the best tires is the SUV range. It is an all-terrain tire and good for use all through the year. In dry weather, these tires have reports are reported to being squishy, but a bit of manipulative inflation solves the problem. Traction on dry surfaces is not the best when compared to other tires, but is reasonably satisfactory. As with all Nokian tires, noise levels are very low. The wet grip is something to mention about. The grip is very good in wet conditions and the performance in rain is high. The long life of the tire is another high point in its favor. It easily gives up to 40,000 miles and might even give more based on usage patterns. The Z SUV has also garnered positive reviews. Cornering is a slight concern with the tire, but in the light of the other positives, the tire is worth a buy. On the whole, good tires, not brilliant but not disappointing either. Good return for your money.


The environmentally friendly tires

The range of environmentally friendly tires of Nokian has been designed keeping high performance in mind and the car has figured in the top five reviews of certain surveys. The road grip of the tire is especially strong in both dry and wet weathers. This all-season tire has found many takers in the United States, being eco-friendly is a feather in its cap. The rolling resistance is very low and does not make as much noise on road as a lot of other tires do. Although good in winters and in snowing conditions, some dealers suggest that Nokian WRG2 is a much better tire for safety and reliability on snow. The only problem with the Nokian eNTYRE series is that they are not readily available in most of the places and you will have to place an order at your nearest dealer or online. Another problem with the tire is that it is relatively new in the market; so long term repercussions of the tire are yet to be known.


Nokian studded tires for the bicycle

Nokian has a special studded tire for bicycles, which is excellent for riding on hilly and rough terrain conditions. The studs look like suckers and are very useful for mountain biking and other such adventure sports. The tire has been rated an average of 4.3 out of 5 by users. The only problem with the tire is its bulkiness. However, it does not fit all sizes and has a limited use. Rolling resistance is high, so it is not the best tire for smooth road riding, especially if you are planning to go cross country. Speeding is difficult.


Overall review

On the whole, the tire is good, if not exceptional. The pricing is higher than other tires of the similar range but are good worth for the money.  The performance is high and good in all weather. The best part is that the noise is low and the tread wear is high. However, above everything else is the safety factor and the tires are safe and reliable. The tire is recommendable. However, it’s generally not stocked and so needs to be ordered.


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