Nitto Tires

Nitto tires are good in performance and are decently popular in the United States. However, since every company promises you the moon and then you probably have to settle for the clouds, leaving you disappointed, an honest review can help you solve your confusion and choose the best tire. Tires are chosen as per different factors such as kind of vehicle, usage patterns and characteristics of the tire. Nitto does deliver decent and usable tires. The following review will help you decide whether Nitto tires are the right choice for you.

Nitto Terra Grappler

The Nitto Terra Grappler has received a four out of five star rating in several review columns. 85% of the people who use this tire recommend it for others to buy. If you study the performance of the tire, you realize that the tire deserves a high rating. They are good tires that are durable and wear very slowly. The tire performs well all round the year and in different terrains. It is useful for in both wet and dry conditions. The best part about it is its ability to channel away water while driving in wet conditions. The tire has been given an A grade in traction and a B in temperature resistance. However, the tire starts to whine if you cross 70mph and provide very bad traction in wet mud. Certain users have also reported that the tires begin to vibrate slowly if you cross 70mph, but that of course can also be due to poor fitting. The tire is not very suitable for very rough off-road condition although for smooth and moderate off-road conditions, the tire is excellent.

Nitto NT555R II Extreme Passenger/Performance Tire

This extreme use tire holds up surprisingly well in tough road conditions. The control you have in handling your car is better when you drive with this tire. Further, if you are racing, then this tire gives its best performance. Designed with road racing in mind, this tire provides low resistance that encourages speed and provides a good grip. However, the company offers better tires for daily driving. It is also not very suitable in wet and slushy conditions. This tire is meant for speed and is a good choice for racers, who have rated it at 4.5 stars.

Nitto NT 450 Extreme Performance Passenger/Performance Tire

This tire is a real beauty as far as looks are concerned. It can even be said to be one of the best looking tires in the market. However, the train of praises unfortunately stops there because everything else about the tire is mediocre, although not bad. The tire performs well in medium wet weathers, though, by providing good road support. It is also inexpensive but the tire makes a hell lot of a noise. For a performance tire, the tire leaves a lot to be desired. It can turn dangerous in extreme snow and heavy rains. Further, these tires are hard to find and so, if you need a replacement, you will have to scrounge the town. Nevertheless, the tire has a mixed review and some people actually love the tire. Well, you probably have to get one if you want an opinion. The tire is very affordable, which is another plus in its favor.

Nitto NT 460 Premium Touring Passenger/Performance Tire

Contrary to NT 450 Extreme Performance Truck/SUV tire, this NT 460 is top rated. One of the few tires to enjoy a full five star rating, the tire is a great performer. The life of the tire just does not seem to end. Other aspects in favor of the tire are admirable wet traction, low noise levels, smooth ride, affordability, easy handling and a good return on your money. Drawbacks for this tire are negligible. The only profound problem that people complain of is that the tire is not available in all rim sizes. Well, this tire sure makes people greedy!

Nitto NT-450 Extreme Performance Truck/SUV Tire

The Nitto NT 450 Extreme Performance Truck/SUV tire is another very good tire from the house of Nitto. They last long and provide good traction in all kinds of wet, dry and snowy weathers. It is easily available in stock and so, you will never have a problem in finding a replacement. The price is great and affordable by almost everybody. Water tread is good too. If maintained well, the tire can easily give you a 45,000 miles performance. The cherry on the cake is that it is good to see also. The drawback is that the sidewall tends to be a bit weak. However, if you use the right air pressure, this defect will be corrected. Noise is not very low but not high either. It is just a harmless little whine. Users are very happy with the tire.

Nitto NT-404 Extreme Force SUV Truck/SUV Tire

Peppered with desirable and undesirable features, the Nitto NT-404 extreme force SUV truck/SUV tire is a 3.5 rated tire. The performance is good in dry weathers but it is unreliable in snow although it does hold up in wet mud and rains. The off road traction is bad. Wearing of the tire is quicker than you would like it to be. However, the tire is worth buying for light weight trucks and SUVs. The tire makes the vehicle easy to handle.

Nitto NT 555 Extreme Performance Passenger/Performance Tire

With over 40,000 miles wear life and excellent traction in all weather condition, this tire definitely qualifies for extreme performance tire. People fall for the visual appeal of the tire too. With good tread patterns and sleek look, the tire sure draws second looks. The drive on these tires is very smooth and comfortable. The tire is worth every penny you spend on it. If only the tire would have a stronger traction and firmer corner for heavy rainy weather, then the tire could definitely have been the best among the lot. Overall, the tire is a useful and smart choice.

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