Michelin Tires

Tires are a major investment today as more and more cars become accessible to the masses. A different car model is available for each and every lifestyle and each and every pocket. Thus, as we buy more cars, the demand for tires has increased tenfold. Choosing the right tire can mean saving money in the long run and in some cases can mean the difference between life and death. Due to the sheer number of choices available, choosing the right tire may not be very simple.

One of the largest and oldest tire manufacturers in the market is Michelin. Michelin offers a wide variety which enables you to choose exactly what you want and for your vehicle. Michelin focuses on performance while providing the best safety and top notch comfort leaving the competitors behind. For example, Michelin MXM4 205/55R-16 which is an all-season tire was tested by popularmechanics.com. They found it to have the best lateral dry grip in its range. Along with that, it was not bad on light snow although, you would need Michelin winter tires for best snow and ice performance. On road, they found these tires to have the smoothest and quietest ride in the group. This makes these tires the right choice for most people. For people looking to step up performance, Michelin Pilot Sport AS+ 205/55R16 would be an excellent choice. It was also tested by popularmechanics.com. This tire provides extra precision and grip while providing traction in bad weather. Overall, this tire outperformed its competitors and is the best choice for high-end sports cars.

The popularity of Michelin tires can be judged by the fact that over 200 car manufacturers have approved Michelin tires as best for their vehicles. In fact, BMW uses Michelin performance tires as standard in all their new models as they provide outstanding mobility as well as safety for the occupants. Discussing in particular the Michelin winter tire, these are very popular among car owners as they created from a special rubber which is highly durable thus provide great grip on snow and ice.

Michelin delivers the same outstanding quality for truck owners through their range of heavy-duty tires. Being twice as durable as the competition, one can be assured these tires will last twice as long. They have increased resistance to punctures and are made in a way that prevents overheating which in turn increases fuel efficiency. Using special technology, Michelin also makes extremely safe aircraft tires used by many airlines. These have special protection against wear and tear thus a longer life. They are designed to withstand maximum speed during take-off.

The only major downside of Michelin tires is the price. They are expensive, higher than the competition. If one is looking to go for a cheap alternative, you could buy a second hand Michelin tire than a cheaper new alternative. Tires are extremely important for car safety and choosing a cheap one may be uneconomical in the long run.

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