Maxxis Tires

If you read the reviews of Maxxis tires, you will probably think that someone paid the writers to write those reviews. They are overflowing with praises and complements. The cost of the tire is exceptionally affordable and from the reviews, performance is sure going great guns. This company manufactures tires for all sorts of vehicles, beginning from bicycles to industrial and commercial trucks. According to the manufacturers, the tires are equipped to handle “punishing loads” excellently. However, not many people seem to have heard about this brand and hence, tend to be skeptic. Nevertheless, let us probe further and see whether the tires are really as good as they claim.


Excellent Performance

The different models of the tires have proven to give appreciable performance. Maxxis MA Z1 is one of the most popular tires. It is available in two models – Maxxis MA Z1 and Maxxis MA Z1 Victra. Both the models have shown good performance although noise is a problem. They wear well and provide good traction. They brake well when the vehicle is stopped suddenly. The road grip is good and they provide a great value for your money. MA Z4S Victra is another model of the tire and has been rated four stars out of five by users. They are said to be excellent in wet conditions, snow and heavy rains as they provide high traction. In terms of cost, they are cheaper than a lot of other brands that offer similar performance.


Noise is a problem, but not a discouraging element

Although the Maxxis MA Z series has been rated five out of five and four out of five in performance, when it comes to noise, it are not rated more than one or two. As the wearing increases, the noise increases as well. However, comfort and reliability provided by the tire almost cancels out the noise problem. Users say that they would buy the tire again if need be, despite the fact that they are noisy since the tires offer great value for money.


The Bravo Series

The Maxxis Bravo series is available in different models. The models are HT-750, HT-760, MA-751, MA-752, MA-761, AT-771, MT-753 and UE-168(N). MA-751 is a double steel belted construction that is durable and has garnered 4.7 out of 5 stars in reviews. The tire model is cheap and high in performance. However, as with other Maxxis tires, noise gets worse with use. The overall rating is very encouraging for a person shopping for a tire. It is also great for heavy loads. MA-761 has a strong sidewall and runs well in all weathers. Except for the noise, the tire does not have other drawbacks. AT-771 is also a good tire but if you take it on mud, you will have a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards since mud tends to get lodged in the tire and does not release on its own. On highways, Maxxis tires are some of the most fuel efficient and high performance tires. They are all-terrain tires and will last pretty long. However, before you buy any model, make sure to check the warranty.


Tires for bicycles

Maxis tires make good tires for bicycles by being high in traction and providing a good grip on the road. They are great for cross country biking and making the most of riding through rough off-road conditions. Maxxis Advantage is the tire for rough bikers. It is good in performance. However, the tire is rather large in size, which makes it kind of uncomfortable. The side wall is also weak. According to certain users, they are not very good to be used for the front tire. On the good side, the tire is reliable, wears well, provides low rolling resistance and is durable. The corners are great and the pattern on the tire provides great support for climbs and uneven trails. On terrains that contain loose soil, stones and small rocks, the tire works well. However, the grooves tend to hold the small rocks on trails and then throw them out haphazardly. Flat tires are extremely rare. The cost is reasonable at $27 to $50.


Maxxis for motorcycles

For motorcycles, Maxis offers six models of tires for both front and back – SuperMaxx M6029, Maxxis Touring M6011, Presa M6131, M6103, V1 M6002 and Maxxis Supermax, which is a sport bike tire. M6029 is great for bikes and users have reported that they have lasted more than 10,000 miles. Tread wear is admirable and so is the road grip. A few users have also reported the high performance of these tires when used for stunts. All the models have proven satisfactory. They are reasonably priced.


Maxxis for cars, minivans and SUVs

As with the cycles and motorcycles, car tires by Maxxis are great too. The Victra series is good with cars. They provide good grip while driving over water as well. Moreover, they are damn cheap, so you will not have to think twice before trying out this high performance tire. The tread patterns support riding on dirt and they take their own sweet time to wear. No hurry there. Yes, as mentioned above, they are slightly noisy, but in comparison to all the benefits that they provide, noise is one little adjustment that you might consider making. Think of the comfort and the price! Besides, they last long and offer a good return on your money.


Overall performance

After a thorough check, it can be concluded that Maxxis is a good tire to buy. You may want to check the guarantee, though. They are all terrain tires and great for all vehicles. They do seem as good as the reviews read. Well, whatever you may say about this European brand, this is one tire that you sure will want to try. So, if your tire is on the verge of requiring a change, then Maxxis is the way to go.


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