Review of Lassa Car Tires

Lassa, the collaborated effort

There are different types of brands of tires who concentrate on a single requirement like racing tires, summer tires, winter tires, off road tires, on road tires, street tires. Lassa, unlike other brands have all kinds of high quality and high performance tires like summer, winter and all season tires. Lassa, a product of BRISA is a collaborative venture of Sabanci Group and the Bridgestone Corporation of Japan. The Sabanci group is a leading Turkish industrial conglomerate. The technology behind BRISA is under Bridgestone which is considered as topmost tire and rubber goods manufacturer in the world. The BRISA plant with production facilities extending 2million square meters is amongst the largest tire production facilities of the world. Lassa tires are available in all the categories and models, classified into various groups.

Lassa tire models

The classification of Lassa tire model has been done depending on the nature, trail, size, seasonal condition, performance and weight of the vehicle. However all the models are under the three main categories that are summer tires, winter tires and all season tires? These have been further divided in to sub categories like passenger car tires, light truck tires, SUV 4x 4, high performance tires and special tires. All the main categories of tires share all the models, like there is passenger car tires under summer tires, winter tires and also all season tires.

Lassa summer tires

Under this category, different types of tires are designed according to them to endure the sunny and dry weather. The tread pattern has an advanced asymmetric pattern which enables a great handling in all weather conditions. The nylon cap is joint less which helps to reinforce and strengthen the traction by controlling dimensional stability. The advanced beads are construction with high fillers enhances the ride comfort. This lets the dry side face outside of the vehicle. The dry traction is enhanced by the wide base tread which also enables its durability. The higher stiffness of the tread blocks increases handling and stability of the car with wet side facing inside of the vehicle. The summer tires can be availed for different category of vehicles like passenger cars, 4×4, light truck, high performance and special tires in different sizes. The tires are designed perfectly to fit the required appearance, proportion, durability, wear and traction as per the size, weight of the vehicle.

Lassa winter tires

Lassa winter tires are again designed to meet the freezing obstacles which the normal tires cannot endure due to several factors like the right grip and brake is necessary in the snow covered roads and tracks. Winter tires have winter radials with multi snipe tread pattern and advanced ice – compound. The tread is made of special compound which persists to be incredibly more pliant at even the temperature of 0 degree for the unequalled grip on the snow and ice. The angled blocks both on shoulder and centre and with about 00 sips around the circumference increases the tires traction on ice with about 0. With all these high technological equipments Lassa tires has surfaced well on the ground of best tire brands. The winter tires are also available for all the types of vehicles with different sizes and purposes depending well on the nature and characteristics of the vehicle.

Lassa all season tires

Lassa tires are well concentrated to all the petite details of road issues of tires caused due to several reasons, like the road surface, season, type of the vehicle, driving sense, purpose etc. amongst all the other season specialized tires, all season tires have the highest number of demand and obviously will have the highest issues to be taken care of as it will be for the general purpose and all terrain.

Lassa competes

In this context the new Lassa compete offers long life and true versatility for all the tracks or road condition and to handle all the weather conditions. The optimized and aggressive tread pattern with numerous sips on the blocks are well designed for better traction in winter condition as well as summer condition and on all the roads. The shoulder blocks with square edges, gives the tire an extra grip on snow and road. The tread compounds have a special quality to decrease the fuel consumption and maintain the wet traction throughout the life of the tire. The sturdy carcass offers reliable operations during various driving situations. The rims also can have an accurate fit due to the advanced bead profile with joint less monostread bead bundle. The appearance adds to the stylish sporty look due to the sidewall branding with outline white letters.

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