Kumho Tires

If economically priced tires with amazing wear is what you are looking for, then Kumho tires should definitely be at the top of your list. Kumho is a brand of tire which originates in South Korea, with tires being sold and exported all over the planet. They are by far not the most popular brand of tire, but since establishing in 1977, they have risen in popularity and now have a reputation as one of the most economically friendly brand of tire. The rise in popularity which came to Kumho Tires saw them working with large car manufacturing companies such as Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, VW and Hyundai, supplying them with tires and other equipment.

With the rise in popularity with car manufacturers came a rise in popularity with the general public, as they are famously known for their great quality tires at inexpensive prices. Compared to the more popular brands such as Continental, Bridgestone and Michelin, Kumho tend to keep their tire prices sub $200. Since we are talking about Kumho tires in general and not a specific type of tire made by them, we can only generalize the prices. The bigger brands may charge in excess of $300 per tire – Kumho is a significant price saving.
The most popular tire made my Kumho is the Ecsta SPT, which comes in several sizes, tends to price at around $150, depending on the store of course. The Ecsta SPT is specifically made for sport cars, coupes and sedans and was originally made to offer drivers a good looking tire which handles well and grips the road well. Although the Ecsta SPT was not designed to be driven in icy temperatures, it drives cleanly for most parts of the year. Being one of the more pricey tires offered by Kumho, you must expect quality also, and with the Ecsta SPT being Kumho’s most premium tire, it definitely fills expectations.

Experience with Kumho tires says that they are good for the price charged, but for superior grip, a better choice may be in seeking another tire such as Bridgestones Potenza. With that being said, the tires still perform well enough for the average car driver, as most Kumho tires are curved around the edges and provide good compression with the help of their high dispersion silica thread compound, making the car grip well to the road and respond quickly to steering wheels commands. The wear and tear that car tires receive is inevitable, but the Kumho tire will outlast most other major manufacturers; the grip and handling may not be the best available on the market, but they are inexpensive and last long, which puts them ahead.
As with most tire brands, a good looking tire is at the forefront of the manufacturers minds, as appearance provides better marketing opportunities. The Kumho tires tend to follow this pattern also, with every tire having some design to improve its aesthetics. Going back to Kumho’s most popular tire (Ecsta), you can see that the design definitely gives it that ‘go faster’ appeal which most tires aim for, with a deep cut ridge going through the center of the tire and a couple more ridges either side, pointing outwards to help with the draining of water when driving in wet conditions. This pattern helps give Kumho its uniqueness and its appeal to the driving masses, and whatever car you drive, a Kumho tire such as the Ecsta SPT will give it the extra handling performance you require but at the same time, will add to the appeal of your car, as the tires are really good looking.

Of course, the Ecsta is not the only tire which is made by Kumho; in fact they have over 30 types of tire available to the public and each do a different job in terms of performance and aesthetics. Many of Kumho’s tires tend to be a lot cheaper than most other tire brands and quality is assured, but because they are a small (ish) brand are fairly new to the western market, they can be hard to find at wallet-friendly prices. From a small search on the internet, it is quickly apparent that Kumho tires are available to buy online, but the price tends to be on the steep side on most websites, so make sure you shop around as there are probably better deals available. Your local car dealership would be a good place to contact if Kumho tires are what you are looking for.

The information given in this review has come from available experience. If we were to summarize Kumho tires in general, we would call them inexpensive, good looking and adequate for the average driver. If top quality performance is something sought, then they may not be the perfect choice, but overall they are a good brand of tire for those on a budget and we recommend them.

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