Review of Hoosier Car Tires

Hoosier racing tires

If it’s for the champions to win the race track overcoming all the off-road or on road complications or obstacles, the best choice would be Hoosier racing tires. For many decades it has been producing result oriented quality racing tires in 1000 different size and compound combinations which is abundantly used at over 400 race tracks across the world. These 1000 different sizes again are divided into subcategories for a convenient search. Some of them are Drag, road racing, oval track dirt, Oval track Asphalt, Kart and ¼ Midget and ATV and Tubes. These subcategories again can raise complications to go for the right choice; therefore these are further classified into smaller and more specific subcategories. It has proved its superiority in various occasions of racing world. The Highly efficient experts do a regular research analysis in processing issues for more unique manufacture of racing tires.

Hoosier pro-street radial tires

Hoosier pro street radial tires are belted with true steel which makes it the best choice for hot-rod and pro street lovers. Sophisticated features give cleaner looks along with concentration on comfort and drivable ride. This feature makes it unique from any other traditional bias- ply tires. Any customized addition to the car can be blended in with the guarantee of black sidewall markings. The best features of these tires are traditional radial construction, variable tread block size, wide channel directional tread design, serrated black sidewall treatment and extended block spacing. With the high speed rating of 130mph/210km/hr these features equip with the best performance capability to these tires. The radial construction designed in traditional helps any type of ride to turn into a comfortable smooth and consistent ride. The tires are noiseless in comparison to other biased tires because of variability in the tread block size. The grip and the brake are made stronger, and works perfectly even for the wet tracks due to the wide channel directional tread design. The car also gives a shiny look due to the black side wall treatment. The rocks and debris gets cleaned frequently because of extended block spacing. The most preferred feature to opt for this tire is its specialty to be used for highways and not for racing tracks. This makes it possible to have wider marketing constraints as it increases the number of consumers.

The manufacturing specialty of Hoosier tires

Apart from the tag of racing tire manufacturers, Hoosier also give emphasis on other product category. This means they not only produce race tires to go with high speed but others as well. They have an advanced engineering and testing services which is made open for consumers. This includes the 300 mph test wheel, tire load deflection testing, tire uniformity grading, physical testing of rubber, chemical analysis of compounds and compound design.

Hoosier’s no warranty policy

This may sound strange that such a quality promising brand is reluctant to the warranties, which most of the other tire brand claim to be their challenge. Hoosier has some set terms and conditions upon the sale of their products. As a specialist of racing tires, they are well versed with the different conditions and manners in which the racing is conducted and this leads to the tire’s exposure in a similar way. The race tires have some free loopholes regarding the safety standards which make it dangerous and illegitimate to be sold for public highways. Therefore they have particularly mentioned some directions and precautious warnings for its usage.

Directions for the usage of Hoosier tires

As the tire is made of asphalt and hard compounds there are instructions on the probability of rubber cracking if they have not been stored in the right temperature for a sufficient time before it’s mounted. The special instructions are provided for the tires with directional arrows. They should be mounted as such that it travels in the direction of arrows provided. Likewise the instructions are provided for circle track racing tires, road racing tires, drag racing tires, verification of rim flange, special tire mounting, Bid/rim eating, alteration of tires, misuse and misapplication etc.

Ineligible for highway use

This may be the biggest disadvantage of this racing tire. As they have clearly mentioned that the Hoosier tires are specially designed for racing purposes and are not to be operated on public highways. DOT labeled Hoosier racing tires however, may be seen collaborating with the transportation department, but that is only for marking and performance requirement, The tires may cause loss of grip, vehicle control, loss of tire pressure and all these may lead to serious personal injury or even death. In this context the exceptions are pro-street tires.

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