Hankook Tires

Tired of bumpy rides in cars that skid a mile before they stop, or go on overdrive and swing their rear ends when you toe the brake suddenly? Well, if it is any consolation, you are not the only one who experiences a bad car ride. Comfort, safety, speed and performance – they all boil down to one crucial factor – the tire of your car. If you have a good tire, with a good tread and high performance, then half your driving woes are as good as solved. Hankook Tires, a Korean Company, has been in the business of making tires ever since 1941. In the United States, the company has a branch in New Jersey. Hankook tires have a reputation for making high quality tires that withstand the conditions on road and last longer. Consumer reviews have corroborated with this fact. Nevertheless, read on below to understand what the tire really has to offer.


If you are looking for a tire to match your requirement, and requirements do vary as per the reason and variations in the usage patterns, then Hankook tires has lot of choices to offer. The company offers tires for passenger cars, SUVs, racing cars, trucks and buses and light trucks. Available in five different categories based on performance, Hankook tires give you the freedom to choose. The five categories are Max Performance Summer, Extreme Performance Summer, Ultra High Performance All season, Track and Competition DOT and Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season.

Averages 8.2 in various features

In the Max Performance Summer category, Hankook tires rank 6th according to consumer surveys. In al other categories such as wet traction, dry traction, stability, noise, comfort and tread wear, the tire has been rated an average of 8.2, which is something significant. Wear and tear after going through the first five hundred miles has been very appreciable for all these tires. From all the reviews that the tire has been garnering from users, it sure looks like Hankook delivers.


Well, we’re not here to promote Hankook tires and not just because we’re not paid for it. Hankook tires do perform well in all circumstances. The All-weather tires of the company have become one of the fastest selling tires in North America. Even the most hardened critics, (and we are not one of them), agree that Hankook has something good to offer to every vehicle. The racing car tire of Hankook was among the top five in the World Series of Off-Road Racing, and it was the first time that the tire was used in racing.

Good technology and all encompassing protection

The DynaPro ATM RF10, the all terrain version of the Hankook tires is one of their best and also one of the best among all the tires available. It consists of stiff treads, which span out in three angles. The tire has stone ejectors, shoulder grooves and built in mud guards for extra protection and sustenance. The tire is excellently protected against external impacts and things that can punch a hole in them. The tire, when tested in wet conditions came out a clear winner. The traction is perfect in all conditions and the under-tread belt gauge has been reinforced to provide protection when driven off- the roads. With so much of high standard technology available with the company, which uses the special Kontrol Technology that focuses on Kinetics, the company is indeed bringing out some of the best tires in the country.


If you are looking for reliability, then Hankook can rank high in your list. The brand, in addition to having a high performance record, offers replacements for damages. Out of the 32 treads that are present on the tire, you get a replacement if even 25% of them wear within a specified number of miles. If the wear and tear exceeds 25%, then you get a replacement based on the amount wear and tear. You have to take the tire to a Hankook dealer for them to evaluate the condition of the tire and give you either a replacement or a refund.


Hankook tires have really limited drawbacks and even in those cases, they are completely negligible. The wear capability of the tire can be improved a bit, but is largely satisfactory. Drawbacks are associated with certain kinds of tires manufactures by Hankook. One tire that you would want to keep away from is the asymmetrically patterned tires. They are not compatible with different sizes and not largely used. Other tire patterns Block, Rib Lug, Rib and Rid are good but have, like mentioned above, can improve in wear. Some tire models have reported to be noisier than others. The tubeless tires have had certain problems of bursting suddenly. While no serious accidents have been caused due to these tires, you need to be guarded when you go in for tubeless tires. It needs to be mentioned that the problem with tubeless tires exists with all brands and not just Hankook.

Undisputedly, one of the top rated

Despite the minimal drawbacks and complaints about Hankook tires, it is fairly a good product. The tire has rated five out of five stars in various aspects. The cost of the tire is pretty reasonable too. The company has been giving out attractive discounts and offers on most of its tires. The Hankook website is a great guide to help you select the perfect tire for your vehicle. This is one tire that provides an excellent return for your money. For a tire company that is not the best known names in the industry, it sure has a healthy sales figure. The beauty of the tire lies in the fact that every product of Hankook has found a healthy popularity and appreciation. The most appreciated aspect about the tire, even from those who are unhappy with its general performance, is that the tire endures in all weathers.

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