Review of General Car Tires

General tires

Smart drivers choose their tires wisely because driving is all about how you balance and guide the tire or rather, how the tire balances and guides you. Tires are a very important part of a vehicle, being the only parts of the vehicle that come in contact with the ground. Further, the efficiency with which tires handle balance and rough terrains makes a lot of difference to the people sitting within. Tire also plays a major role in manipulating the mileage of the vehicle. Well, after that little essay on tires, let’s talk about General Tires. A tire has to fit into specific requirements of the vehicle and requirements change with every vehicle.
General tire produces a huge range of tires that balance the road for you and keep you safe and happy. That was the silver lining. The tire has drawbacks as well. Nevertheless, General tires have been in the business of making tires for more than a century, so you can trust them to know their trade. Read on the following review to have a better idea about how General tires work and how reliable they are.

The General tire range

General tires produce tires in six categories based on the type of vehicles and usage pattern. The six varieties are Passenger tires, Performance tires, Light truck and SUV, Commercial, Original equipment and Winter. With a number of tires in each category, the company has much to offer to customers. The good thing about General tires is that they are good, well, most of the models are. In any case, if you are in a fix about which tire to buy, then a tire from General Tire will be a safe bet. The bad thing about General tires is that there is nothing extraordinary about them. The tires are ordinary, not bad though. But they do not have a quality that can convince us to use a superlative in their description, which is why they are a safe bet all the time. Quality is acceptable but the tires are not meant for hardcore racers.

Low cost

The biggest thing in favor of General tires is the cost. They are very affordable. In fact, you get some of the tires such as General Exclaims cost less than a hundred bucks. Well, for that rate, even if they do wear out, you can just throw them out without remorse and get a new tire. However, the tires do offer a decent performance and their tread life is better than some of the more expensive tires in the respective range. The cost factor, is very convincing and in most cases, the major factor that tilts the balance in favor of General tires.

Performance range

In the performance range, the company offers three tires, which are G Max AS 03, Grabber UHP and AltiMax HP. G Max AS 03 has been rated A in both traction and temperature, which means that the tire is not only good in traction, it can also handle temperature fluctuations well. An A grade in temperature means that the tire wears better and lives longer. The tire also comes with a 40,000 treadwear warranty. This Ultra High Performance tire ranks high in performance and runs well in dry wet and snow conditions. As a cherry on the cake, the tire has a stylish visual appeal as well.

Altimax and Grabber does grab attention

The next tire in the series Grabber, is a great performer as well. Well conditioned to meet the demands of the road, the tire comes with a high wear life and durability. Affordability is not a problem with Grabber as it falls in the middle range and is convincingly affordable. AltiMax HP is being promoted as the smart tire of the batch and a flagship for performance tires in General tires range. It provides high performance and is rated highly as well. Altimax is more than just satisfactory; it is highly recommendable.


To put it in a nutshell, General Tires is a good company that has been sidelined from the tire business due to its involvements in other ventures like real estate. Once a major American company, it has been sold out to a European conglomerate. Between all these management hullabaloo, production had come under the cloud. Nevertheless, the tire company is gradually getting back on its feet and delivering good tires. The tires are available easily. So, you can buy one anytime. For a person looking for a safe, reliable and cost effective tire, General Tires is still a very good option. But if you want something beyond ordinary, something to match your 200 mph car, then there are other avenues where you search will be more fruitful. AltiMax HP is getting there, but has a few miles more to go. General tires, with their simplicity and good performance, are good but not the best.

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