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Review of Fuzion Car Tires

The ratings and reviews of Fuzion tire

Although the ratings of a tire are always checked by comparing its features with the others of the same brand, the performance comparison of fusion tire’s reviews shows the quiet satisfying results. The Fuzion tire, a manufacture of Bridgestone/firestone is an off-branded name. Its first known product launch was the ZRi. It towers most of other brand tires regarding its soundless grip. Most of the tires may have a high performance wear and grip but all goes in vain when it makes a chirping sound on the roads which is really frustrating. Fuzion tires in this matter are incredible for its soundless approach. It also has proven its rating in terms of grip and sticky even on the wet road. The practical experience can be rated amongst everyone from the people driving Corollas to the people, who drive cobras, where the Fuzion tires have been considered equal and in some cases even better than the highly demanded SO3 tires. The only thing that makes it lesser efficient is that its high performance do not react well to the freezing temperatures, they become quiet stiff. But on contrary to this it turns out to be the best summer tire.

The noiseless Fuzion tires

In comparison to the other tires like the Goodyear’s stocks the fusion tires share the equal rating regarding its lateral grip. The only huge difference is that the Fuzion tire runs like cat’s paws, soundless, on the road. Unlike other tires the fusion tire takes the turns without even a hint of lost traction. The Fuzion tire have weak straight- line grips which allows the wheel spin more, however this can be overlooked as this helps to give drag radials during strip race. The Fuzion ZRi also has been experienced a hassle free on wet roads. Therefore it can be broken loose in a power corner 90 degree turn with acceleration without fearing the rain calls for going slower.

Fuzion in caparison to high performance tires

In comparison to other high performance tires like the Good year, Fuzion tire can more or less be rated same when it comes to its durability and wear. A tire will either have a good wear and no grip, or the vice-versa but not both at the same time. As for good grip the performance tires use soft rubbers which wear faster than the harder long life rubber. The Fuzion tire cannot be rated low as long as it’s pushed to high speed turns that’ll decrease any high performance tire’s long life. In addition the Fuzion tires are well equipped with 2 steel belts reinforced with spirally wound nylon for high speed durability.

The tread pattern and appearance

When it comes to the tread pattern the fusion tire can be well defined by the identical tread pattern of Bridgestone Potenza G009. It may not reveal high performance in this regards to let it compare with other performance tires but it’s countable in itself. The appearance is well defined with Armor All sprayed and gives a deeper look for the rubber. The sidewall is designed with the rim guard which protects the rims from getting damaged when scraping a curb.

Fuzion products

The Fuzion product is available in three categories UHP, SUV and Touring.


This product of Fuzion tires provides all season capabilities and high performance which can be called as UHP (ultra high performance) performance; this means that the product offers the combination of its right value and performance with a warranty.


The Fuzion SUV also provides all season capabilities equipped with off-road and on road applications. It priced on the basis of its combination of value and durability with a warranty of 50,000 mile limited trade wear.


This category also shares the same provision of all season capabilities. The warranty however features a 55,000 miles limited on T- speed rated sizes and a 40,000 mile limited tread wear warranty on H and V’s. It tagged in a different manner from other products by the combination of value and comfort.

The price comparison

The prices vary according to the category. It includes other additional benefits like road hazard warranty, valve stems, tire recovery fee etc. In comparison to Bridgestone Potenza, which shares it’s ranking, it’s cheaper. Overall study and review of Fuzion tires reveal the fact more clearly that it’s a product worth paying only for those who prefer summer drive and travel mostly in these areas. The product is yet to be advanced to endure the freezing zones when it can either be proved to be shown as best performer in snow covered roads. Fuzion tires can also be availed at a discount. The two things need to be considered while buying Fuzion tires are, initially to make sure to run for a local store to get the warranty with them. It can however be purchased online, but that’ll delay the process of getting warranty and may cause problem if something goes wrong without a warranty coverage. Secondly, the need for road hazard warranty is to be made sure. This will build a room for budget to calculate about 10% of the cost of the tire in for the road hard. This warranty can provide free service, if the tire needs to be repaired or replaced.

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