Review of Fisk Car Tires

Fisk tires

Fisk tires are a well known brand in the United States and Canada. The company has been producing quality tires that are decent in performance. The company produces tires for different purpose and different cars, ranging from passenger vehicles to SUVs and off-road conditions to sports use. In order to perform well in each different category, the tire needs to have certain special characteristics. Owing to the flood of tires in today’s market, it is very confusing for a buyer to choose the right kind of tire. Well, Fisk tires are not the best tires that are available. The price is also not the best available. However, Fisk tires are a good tire option, at least ones that are worth looking into. Below given are three Fisk tires that have a reputation.

Fisk Sport King A/T Truck/SUV tire

Well, if you own a truck or a SUV, then your requirements for a tire are certainly different from those who own luxury cars. Your vehicle is more for rough use, probably takes off off-road and has to deal with bad road conditions. For all these purposes, companies bring out tires that are high in performance, traction, road grip and balance. Fisk Sport King A/T Truck/SUV tires are well suited for all such use. Off-road traction is reported as excellent while driving in conditions like mud, water, rocky terrain and wet conditions. This tire is also an all season tire, meaning that they work well in dry, wet, snow and ice conditions. The little glitch that happens in these tires is the noise, but given that noise is a common occurrence with most of the tires, you do not have to bother much about it.

Always worth a try

Although there are better brands and companies in comparison to Fisk, if you have a truck or SUV, then you need to try out these tires at least once. They are highly recommendable and really good. And mind you, we do not gush about a tire without reason, so, when we sound excited, it means that the tire is something, after all. This tire is sure worth a try. Users who write reviews seem to be struggling to write something negative about the tire, but fortunately, without much result. A majority of them have given it a full five star rating, which collaborates with our review.

Fisk Winter King Mud & Snow Passenger/Performance Tire

Fisk people have probably got something of a fetish for being kings, considering the names of their tires. However, after reviewing their products, one must admit that they are quite good. If not kings, they are high in the recommendation list for the throne. After the Fisk Sports King A/T, it is now Winter King. The tire is good and as promised, it gives great performance on mud and snow. It wears well and is safe for driving on the slippery surface.

Canadians might complain

However, if you live in a freezer of a place, then the tire might prove unsatisfactory. While the tire is good for the snow in United States, Canadians, where temperature drops well below the freezing point, will have complaints about the tire. When the temperatures sink as low as below zero, the malleable rubber stiffens and the properties of the tire change. The ride becomes bumpy and uncomfortable, along with reduction in road grip and traction. Therefore, do not be surprised if you find a one star review adjacent to a five star one. The problem lies with the place. On the good side, this tire has great road grip when you drive on snow. Driving on ice is safe as well. The cost of these tires is fair enough to be affordable, although not the best. So, the choice of this tire depends on your place of residence.

Fisk SR4 Passenger/Performance tire

Rated highly by users, the Fisk SR4 Passenger/Performance tire is a good one for cars. The tire has several things in its favor. Firstly, the cost of the tire is very attractive. It is comparable to other brands that sell the similar products at higher rates. Secondly, the tire is a no-nonsense tire. It is clean cut model that performs well and looks good as well. Although this is a plus point, the lack of catchy and attractive design can also work in its favor. For a stylish car, the tire does look sort of bland. But the tire is meant for low-budget vehicles, being low budget itself, and so, the simplicity. On the whole, the Fisk range of tire have their plus and minus points but they are worth a try. You may find them equal to some higher range tires. The quality is good. Fisk tires are not as good as a few of the other brands, but they definitely are something to watch out for.

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