Review of Falken Car Tires

Falken tires – how reliable is the brand?

Tires are the support system of a vehicle. Although a lot of people take the choice of tires for granted, tires are very important parts of the car assembly and can influence comfort, balance, stability, road grip, mileage and safety. Falken tire is a reliable name in the tire world. Originally a part of Sumitomo Rubber industries, a Japanese company which established Falken in 1983, Falken was conceived as being the leading brand in the tires department of the Japanese rubber giant. It was designed as a high performance tire, with “Ultra High Performance” models. These tires were meant for sports cars and drivers who require speed in their vehicles. Gradually, the company has added a number of variations to the UHP model and brought out a range of passenger, utility and truck tires. While certain models are high in performance, some others fall flat, both literally and figuratively. Read on below for reviews of certain tires, which go from the best in the Falken range to the most undesirable.

The best Falken tires

Falken tires have brought out some fabulous tires that offer the performance of a sports car tire without experiencing massive wear and tear. These tires have been modified to suit an average passenger car. Best among the lot is Falken Azenis Asymmetric Passenger/Performance tire, which has gained reputation as the “racing tire of common folks”. This tire offers great road grip, is good in all moderate weathers and very affordable. On the flip side, the tire does not give high performance in biting cold weather. Users have also reported that wear could have been better. Noise is another problem that is reported with the tire. Despite the loopholes, the tire has been rated five stars. Falken GR Beta FK451 Passenger/Performance tire is another tire that is highly ranked. With excellent all-weather grip and traction, this tire has garnered 4.5 stars out of 5 star rating. Durability is another point in its favor. The tire is slightly expensive though and not excellent in snow. In any case, if you were to choose the best two tires in the passenger range, then these tires have to be on your list. The other good tires in the Falken range are Falken HS404 M+S Passenger/Performance Tire and Falken Sincera Touring SN211.

The good Falken tires

A good but not excellent tire from Falken is Falken Azenis ST115 Passenger/Performance Tire. With a 3.5 star from users, this tire has proved to be good in heavy rains, good appearance and good traction. The problem is with wear. Inflation has to be checked often. Nevertheless, they are reasonably rated and offer a good value for your money. Falken Ziex ZE-502 Passenger/Performance Tire is another good tire that you can put your money on. Reliable and good in performance, they do not make much noise on the road and provide good traction in both wet and dry weathers. The cost is affordable as well. Nevertheless, there is nothing exceptionally good about the tire except the fact that drawbacks are very limited.

Bad Falken tires

Although certain users have reported to liking the tire, you will do well to keep away from Falken Ziex S/TZ-01 Truck/SUV Tire. Low in performance and traction, the tire does not hold up well is all weathers. The ride is not comfortable either. With use, the tires become hard and harsh, which increases the discomfort of those riding within the vehicle. However, they are alright for street driving and in very moderate climatic conditions. The lifespan is bad, though. In short, you can get something much better for the same amount of money that you spend on this tire.

Things in favor of the company

The one big factor that is in favor of the company is its expertise in bringing out performance oriented tires that are suitable for all vehicles. Some of its best tires are the most suitable for sports vehicles. Falken has outlets all over United States and so, the tires are easy to find. You do not have to place an order and wait for the tire to come to you. Although not the cheapest tires in the industry, the tires are reasonably priced and not very expensive. The range of products is good and you get a decent choice for all types of cars. The tire company is said to have big plans for the future to bring out some innovative tires that can stand the test of time and prove satisfactory in all regards.


Falken is a good tire manufacturer who sometimes has a change of mind and does something foolish. If you look out for these blunders and choose the right tires, then Falken is one of the best tire companies today. The best tires of the company work well with speed. So, if you are a speed junkie, then Falken is the way to go.

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