Review of Dunlop Car Tires

Dunlop tire came into existence in 1888. What began as an attempt to make riding easy for a child has now grown into an international conglomerate that produces millions of tires every year. Dunlop tires are synonymous with speed. So, if you are a racer, then check out the Dunlop tire range before making the final decision. For all that you know your prefect tire might be hiding out here somewhere. We are here to help you on your treasure hunt by providing an overview of the Dunlop range of tires. The company, being as old as it is, is a very reliable brand. Without reliability and quality as its strong points, it is highly doubtful whether the company could have endured over a century in the highly competitive tire industry.

The Passenger/Performance range from Dunlop

Dunlop D60/A2 passenger/performance tire is an excellent tire in the Dunlop range in this category. It has found approval from a majority of users and has earned a star rating of 4.5 out of 5. The biggest strength of Dunlop tire is its road grip. Whether it is winter, summer or the rainy season, this tire endures while giving you a safe and comfortable drive. Performance in heavy snow is not very satisfactory, though. Another drawback is noise. Yes, the tire does make a lot of noise but for the comfort that it provides, noise is one consideration that is worth making. The excellence of the tire comes across through the fact that despite companioning about unsatisfactory performance in snow, users have given it a very high rating. This only goes on to show that in comparison to drawbacks, the positives are enormous. On an average, all tires from Dunlop range have received a 3 star rating. The poor tires in the range are the tires in Dunlop Grandtrek series, which give a poor performance despite its impressive name. Grandtrek tires for SUVs are good.

The SUV range

In the SUV range, the company offers one dozen tires. The Grandtrek series is the best among them. The Rover series is the other series in the SUV range and these tires have also garnered impressive positive feedback from users. Dunlop Radial Rover A/T is a reasonably priced tire that gives good performance and provides a good road grip. With more than 80% of users giving a five star rating to this tire, it definitely cannot be bad. In fact, it has to be good. It gives good performance in dry and wet seasons and a mediocre performance in snow. Users have reported that once they switched to Dunlop for their SUVs, they find it tough to give it up. The comfort, grip, excellent traction and wear are almost addictive. If you own a SUV, then give this tire a try the next time you need a change. For such a price, you will find it hard to find anything better. Radial Mud Rover is a tire that you will find useful when you have to go off-road. The tire handles mud well and gives safe grip. On top of everything, the Dunlop tires are stylish in design and visual appeal.

Dunlop Winter tires

Dunlop offers six tires in the winter range. These tires are in addition to the all season tires, which are good in all reasons but not very satisfactory on snow. The winter tires have been especially crafted for snow and ice driving. Winter tires are available in both studded and studless version. SP Winter Sport M3 and Grandtrek WT M2 are good tires for luxury vehicles and for those that the makers call “the finest vehicles from all over the world”. The traction provided by these winter tires is excellent and rolling resistance is moderately high, which makes the vehicle stable on slippery roads.

Dunlop Sports tires

Sports tires are the strong points of the Dunlop Company. The company offers thirteen tires in the range, which are categorized as Ultra High Performance, All-Season High Performance, Extreme Sport Performance and Maximum High Performance. All these tires are great for racing but moderate in wear, which is to be expected from a sports tire. Nevertheless, in comparison with other tires from many other companies, Dunlop has a good range of sports tire that are high in performance.

New tires from Dunlop

The company has brought out three new tires in the SUV range, which are Rover H/T, Signature CS and Grandtrek PT9000. In the winter tire range, the new tire is Graspic DS3.
Initial reviews about the tires are good but not conclusive since they have been in use for very little time. Dunlop tires are easily available in tire stores. You also have the option of purchasing online. They are very affordable and give good performance. The company focuses on passenger vehicles and does not produce tired for commercial or industrial use.

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