Review of Cooper Car Tires

A part of Cooper Rubbers and Tires Corporation based in Ohio, Cooper tire specializes in bringing out the best tires for its customers. Being the ninth largest tire manufacturer in the world and the fourth largest in the United States, this tire has a lot of influence on the American market. Cooper tires are available in various models and makes, in order to suit a variety of vehicles. With high performance tires for motorcycles as well as four-wheeled vehicles, the Cooper range of tires is a dream for a racer. If you are not the racing type and love a comfortable drive, then Cooper proves satisfactory in that regard as well. If there is one thing against the tire, it is the cost. They are on the more expensive side, but for all that they offer, they are worth every cent that you spend on them.

Passenger/Performance range from Cooper tires

Cooper tires have a significant range in tires for passenger range. The Cooper Zeon series is one of the best ranges in cooper. The tires available in the Zeon series are Zeon ZPT, RS 3A, RS 3S and RS3. These tires are great for performance as well. Users have used it with sports vehicles and found them efficient. The specialty of these tires is dry traction. They are excellent on it. Although irregularity in performance has been noticed in the tires when they run on snow and the performance continues to be unsatisfactory on ice, the Weather Master tire from Cooper is great in summers and moderate weather. Traction during rains is also satisfactory. The tire is noisier than most people would like and more expensive when compared to other similar tire, their performance is good. Warranty is a problem, though. Another problem that has been registered is that the tire leads to unsatisfactory mileage. Zeon RS3 is another good tire that you can invest in. The all season tire is good for driving in snow and ice as well. Apart from the Zeon series, there are other tires in the passenger range too. The Zeon RS range of tires qualifies for performance vehicle. Good in traction and wear, the tires offer high performance for people who like speed. RS3-S and RS3-A are Ultra High Performance tires. However, like mentioned above, these tires are expensive. So, if cost of the tire is going to be your basic criteria for selection of the tire, then these tires are not for you. If quality matters, like it should, then spending a few extra bucks on a tire is worthwhile. The performance of this series is so good that it can also be used for racing occasionally. The road grip and balance that they provide are very satisfactory.

Cooper tires for light trucks

Cooper has a special Discover series for light trucks. The performance of Cooper tires when used in light trucks is good, according to a majority of users. The problem with Cooper tires n some areas of United States is lack of awareness. Other tires, which are more inferior in quality than Cooper, enjoy better publicity than these. So, if you have a choice, then do not give up Cooper just because you have not heard about them. Give it a chance; it is good. These tires live for long and long. So, although expensive, they will save you a lot of money in the future that you would otherwise have to spend on replacements. They are good for of-road conditions as well. In a word, it’s a thumb up for Cooper light truck tires.

Cooper tires for the winter

Weather Master Series and Discover M+S are Cooper tires for winter. While many of Cooper tires are good for summers, if you live in a place where winters are harsh, then these tires are very recommendable. Weather Master Tires are all-season tires and hence, are great in winters too. Although users have complained about poor response from the company when contacted regarding warranty, if you buy from an established and branded franchise, you will not have a problem with customer service. However, warranty is one thing that you will have to check upon.

Cooper commercial range

The Road Master series from Cooper are good for commercial vehicles. The range of commercial tires in Cooper tires is huge. You can choose between fourteen types of tires in the commercial range. These tires have been designed for low rolling resistance, so as to provide easy driving. Each one of the fourteen models has its own special features.


Without beating round the bush, it can be said that Cooper is a great tire maker who promises performance and value for money and delivers it. Their extensive tire range is reliable and the brand is dependable. Although not perfect and slightly expensive, these tires will not give you a chance to crib and regret your choice.

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