Review of Carlisle Car Tires

Carlisle Tire Company has very long hands that go out and reach almost every automobile that requires wheels. The tires manufactured by the company are found in utility passenger vehicles, cargo trucks, light vans, buses, wheel barrows, automobiles used in agriculture and trailers. They manufacture tires that are good in quality. So, if you are looking online for a guide to buy wheels, then Carlisle is the site to look out for. Whatever may be the kind of vehicle you use, you will find a tire that is suitable for it. However, when you look to buy a Carlisle product, you may want to wait and think. They are among the cheapest tires in America but if cost is not you’re only criteria and quality matters, then your choice of Carlisle products marrows down. Users have been complaining about these tires. Nevertheless, in the sea of tires that the company manufactures, you can find many tires that are high in performance and worth the money.

Good tires from Carlisle

The Carlisle Multi Trac C/S Lawn & Garden Turf Tire is a good tire from Carlisle. Costing no more than a $100, these tires are excellent for all types of lawn jobs. Receiving good ratings from users reinforces the usefulness of these tires. The tread wear is supposed to be superior to many other Carlisle models. The other important point in its favor is its traction. Carlisle tires are not for everyday use. They are for heavy duty use that requires special characteristics to pull off the work. Well the tires do perform well in some regards. The agriculture, aviation and construction equipment are good. They are cost effective too, which is a point in their favor.

Tires from Carlisle to avoid

If you were to recommend one tire that your friends should stay away from, it should probably be the Carlisle Radial ST Utility tire. Reported as being dangerous with regard to bad traction and stability, this tire can cause serious accidents. The lack of controlling ability is another dangerous facet associated with this tire. The quality is poor, which perhaps accounts for the low cost. Another tire that is to be avoided is the Carlisle USA Trail Utility tire. Users are actually glad that these tires failed in their vehicles so now, they can have them replaced! If that is not the height of desperation, then what is? Problems largely occur when Carlisle trailer tires are used. Several users have reported problems that make these tires undesirable.

Some of the most affordable tires in America

Carlisle is one of the most affordable tires in America. With tires available for as much as $100, the cost seems too less to be true.

Carlisle – reliable

The number of products manufactured by Carlisle is enormous that it is impossible to review all of them within a few paragraphs. It stands to fact that Carlisle offers wheels to every kind of vehicle but it also stands to fact that most of their tires are bad. The company has fielded several complaints from users, some of whom have been repeatedly approaching the company for further verification. There have been reports of tires failing within the warranty period and complaints to the company falling on deaf ears. Users have called Carlisle products dangerous and unsafe. One of the reviews says “Avoid these tires like plague”. Well, if that does not sum it up, then what does? With these kinds of reviews doing rounds of the net, including reports of complaints being posted in blogs and forums, the reliability of Carlisle seems like it’s blown to pieces. Hence, as mentioned above, if money is not your only criteria in the selection of a tire, then you better keep away from this company. If money is your only criteria in selection, then make sure that you spend a considerable amount of money buying insurance because with this tire, you will need it.


Carlisle, sorry to say, is not a recommendable company in many ways. They are probably useful for specific works and are specific only to those functions, but largely, the vote against them is negative. Despite being low in cost, users have reported that the cost seems high in comparison to performance. The makers need to buck up and clear their reputations. Probably, they should spend some time concentrating on the quality of some of the junk that they are producing rather than going on adding new tires to their already mammoth collection. One thing in favor of the tire is that it is a one stop shop. Another thing is that you will find tires in the size you require. But apart from that, customer service is bad, warranty is bad and performance of many products is bad. In a word, tires from this company do not top out list of recommendable tires.

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