Michelin lasts

Michelin Tires are world renowned for performance, freedom of movement and efficiency. These tires are produced, manufactured and favored worldwide. With impressive technicality and exceptional quality, Michelin is not only top class in tire manufacturing but also one of its kinds. Founded in 1888, Michelin’s HQ is based in Clermont-Ferrand, France. With a annual revenue of €17.89 billion and a profit of €1.048 billion Michelin is famous for its world class service. What makes Michelin so special is that it has designed numerous tires suited to your specifications, whether it’s a 4×4, an SUV, a Fiat or an AUDI, Michelin tires will always have something to suit your car!!

The personal mission statement given indicates just how much it means to the Michelin Company that each manufacture and sale guarantees customer satisfaction.

“We have one profession and one mission: contribute to long-term progress in the field of mobility.”

- Édouard Michelin, 2002

Technicality Deconstructed: Long-Distance Tires

Michelin has produced these new age tires especially for the cars that travel long-distance and require a comfortable ride. The long-distance tires are especially designed to save fuel consumption and ensure high mileage.

Regional –Traffic / winter and Urban Traffic

Michelin recognizes the dire need of tires for the winter setting. Therefore, they have created tires suitable for those conditions: ensuring reliable breaking, a precise steering response and maximum traction to avoid any mishaps occurring on the road.

Construction and Off-Road Tires

With many individuals in the construction business Michelin has initiated the project of designing and producing tires that give a robust performance on and off the road. The tires come with super high mileage on the road, extra durability off road and there is a good combination of new tires and remolds to cater for specific needs and requirements.

Michelin is not simply one of the best in the market because everyone says it is. Michelin respects facts and demands objectivity and intellectual honesty, above and beyond predisposed ideas and opinions. Thereby, when Michelin develops tires, they put them to the test in real-world conditions. A factual outlook is a quintessential constituent of their progress and success. This hard-headed attitude is implemented throughout all of their activities, from research and development, through manufacturing and even to marketing products and services. It’s applied on a daily basis and over the long term, with team members, customers, partners, public authorities, journalists, etc.

Furthermore, when the question comes to mind as to “why should one purchase Michelin tires?” it is simple enough to say that Michelin ensure not only safety, but also longevity and efficient fuels saving. The safety is always a priority at Michelin. Drive on a set of MICHELIN ENERGY™ Saver tires and you’ll be able to stop shorter by up to 3 meters on wet roads. What’s more, Michelin tires just last and last and last! With up to 3 years warranty Michelin ensures that you can turn to them if your tires need a checkup!! The Michelin Energy Save tire is strong on fuel efficiency and can help save up to 80 liters of fuel.

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Pirelli Tire Review

After more than 20 years in the industry, Pirelli tire is now the fifth largest tire manufacturer in the world. An Italian company, Pirelli designs tires with OE fitments used by the most prestigious cars like Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi Quattro and more.

The good thing about these tires is that they hardly make a sound, providing a smoother driving experience. The asymmetric tread design allows better handling and braking of the car while the nano composites make driving much steadier than before. Pirelli tires perform well on most surfaces in all weather conditions, especially in rain. Pirelli tires are environment friendly and come with a 37% green performance turnover.

The negative thing about these tires is the reduced mileage they offer. They are also a bit pricier than most other brands available in the market. All in all, the performance of the tires is satisfactory, especially because the company offers a wide range of replacement tire models that can be used with most of the cars.

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Michelin tire is a well known brand name in the United States. They have been known to provide satisfactory service and performance against affordable prices. However, nothing is this world is perfect and Michelin tire has its downsides. Nevertheless, the advantages offered by the tire of different terrains and load conditions make it a good product to have. Whatever may be the kind of vehicle you possess, be it a cycle, a motorbike or a heavy duty truck, Michelin has something good to offer to every user. Read on below for a fair and honest evaluation of the Michelin tire. You have the carte blanche to decide whether to buy the tire or not to buy. We are here just to report facts.

Strengths of Michelin tire

Well, let us begin on a good note. The major strength of the Michelin range is its performance and durability. Users have reported driving over 20,000 mile with no problem whatsoever and the tire still looks like it could run double the distance. As far as durability is concerned, the Michelin tires do not pose a problem. Another major strength of the tire, which is also one of the major drawbacks of many other tire brands, is the noise factor. Michelin tires make very low noise, which is almost negligible. Cost is another very attractive factor of the tire. For a low and affordable cost, you get something that is excellent and durable. The ride is smooth and rolling resistance is negligible. The tires have a good road grip on hard surfaces. The sidewalls hold up well too. Due to low rolling resistance, you can drive at high speeds on highways. The same quality also contributes to fuel efficiency of the vehicle. To put in the words of most of the users, the tire is “no nonsense”. Neatly designed, without excessive markings on the wheel or flashy accessories, the tire is high in performance and offers a good return on your investment.

Weaknesses of the Michelin tire

Although the tire is genuinely good in many aspects, the drawbacks are always worth knowing. The biggest problem with the tire, as reported by many users is its poor resistance to puncturing. Rough trails are challenging for it and this is especially true for cycles and motorbikes. The car tires are better but still poor for puncturing. Further, some of the tires in the Michelin range are not suitable for loose soils as they tend to lose grip and skid. So, if you are an adventure sport lover, or mountain biker, then you may do better by looking for another tire. Coupled with their tendency to puncture, some of the tires are just not made for rough trails and mountains. They are not very well cut for use on wet surfaces such as slush and wet grass. The makers do not promise that all the tires are meant for loose and wet soils. So, you cannot actually blame them, the design is meant for hard road riding. On cost, the tire is pretty affordable in the United States, but if you live in Canada, then you might have to shell out much more.

The Pilot range

The Pilot range of tires from Michelin is the flagship of the company. A number of varieties of tires such as Pilot Power 2CT, Pilot Power, Pilot Road 3, Pilot Road 2, Pilot Sport SC Radial and Pilot Sport SC are offered in the Pilot range and can be used for various purposes. These tires are suitable as performance tires and sports tires. These tires are good on wet surfaces as well as on dry and hard ones. They do not make noise and are high in comfort. The tread pattern is aggressive and can very well be used for all-terrain driving. With all the advantages, the Pilot range is one of the best series of Michelin and also one of the most widely used in America. On the flip side, the tire is not as affordable as the other tires in the Michelin range. Cold traction is poor. For a high performance tire, wear could have been better. In addition, a few users have reported a reduction in mileage after crossing 4000 miles. In extreme wet weathers, the tire can become slightly dangerous if you drive aggressively or brake suddenly.

Tires for bikes

Michelin offers a wide range of tires for motorbikes and cycles. Michelin Power One is a good tire for biking. It is made using Michelin Asymmetric Technology, in addition to several other technologies that lend it several positive features for biking. The tire was developed by testing the performance of the tire for 80,000 miles of use. Michelin Pro 3 is a tire for racing bikes. This tire has been provided with puncture resistance layering called HDPP, which makes it better than other Michelin tires in puncture protection.

Tires for cars

Michelin tires for cars offer a comfortable ride. Michelin Primacy MXV4 is an excellent car tire from the house of Michelin. It has been designed for all terrain use and provides enhanced road grip. The tire brakes well, although not immediately, when sudden brakes are applied while driving at more than 55mph. Michelin PS2 is a summer tire for the cars that gives high performance during the heat of summer. However, in comparison with other top brands, the performance fades in dry weather. In wet conditions, the tire shows surprisingly high results, making it more than just a summer tire.

Overall review

Michelin a dependable company with regard to tires for all sorts of vehicles, ranging from two wheelers to four wheelers and economy vehicles to luxury and sports range. They offer a great return on your money. However, not all wheels are perfect, as you can see from the limitations and weaknesses. Before purchasing, check the warranty. The tires are cost effective and good to use.


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Kumho tires, a Korea based tire maker, has managed to capture a huge customer base in the United States and not just because it offers tires at a very low cost. The tire has been high in performance as well. Headquartered in California, the company has offices in most of the cities in United States. With a line up of different types of tires suited for minivans, SUVs, sports vehicles and light trucks, Kumho offers a big choice range. Below given is a review of the different tires manufactured by the company.

The solus range

The Solus range of tires is the trademark of Kumho. The range consists of KH16, KR21, HP4 PLUS, KH21 and KH14 models, which are made in different sizes to suit sports cars as well as utility vehicles. Made with comfort, long wear and good traction in mind, the Solus range has garnered excellent reviews from users. The noise factor of the tires is also low. Solus KR 21 is a tire that is best suited for family vehicles. The advanced carbon tread provides excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. The grip on the road is great; the tire runs long and is dependable in al weathers. On top of that, the tire is very affordable. The Solus KR21 is the best in the Solus range. Solus KR14 does not sit well with a lot of users because it tends to be bumpy on the road and hence, is low in comfort. Further, tread wear occurs at 10,000 miles or less, which draws a blank with regard to ling life and durability. KH16, which has been advertised as a tire suitable for all weathers has not proved to be high in performance. The tire provides a low life, although better than KR14. 20,000 miles is the limit for the tire. HP4PLUS tends to be satisfactory to some while other users have come with a lot of complaints. The good thing about the tire is low noise and reasonable comfort. However, the tire is unsatisfactory with regard to tread wear and while driving on wet roads.

Eco friendly tires

If you are an environmentally friendly person and want to do your bit in preserving the environment, then Kumho tires are a good choice for you. The company has come out with eco-friendly tires in the Solus range called Eco Solus HM KR 22. Said to have a 100,000 mile tread wear, this tire is good in performance and indeed has a long life. It has been prepared using a special formula that has lends it along life and makes it environmentally friendly. Reviews for this tire are positive and users do seem to be impressed with the performance of the tire. Most of the users reported a healthy mileage when they shifted to this tire. The average for a family vehicle or a light four-wheeler when this tire is used is 58mpg. This environmentally friendly tire is available for minivans, luxury cars, sedans and cross overs.

Luxury car Kumho tires

For luxury cars, three varieties of tires are available from Kumho – Ecsta LX Platinum, the eco-friendly Eco Solus HM KR 22 and ecowing KH 30. The LX Platinum model has garnered an average rating of seven out of 10. However, while the tires are excellent and extremely satisfactory in terms of comfort, these desirable factors tend to decline with use. After 15,000 miles, the tires have been reported to becoming noisy. However, there are people who have driven up to 40,000 miles are reported that the tires are still in an excellent condition and noise free. A matter of opinion, you might say, or perhaps, a matter of usage. Nevertheless, the tire has reported problems in snow and wet weathers. In dry conditions, this is one of the best tires you can get. Ecowing KH 30 is an eco-friendly tire and does not contain much feedback. However, the tire is available in all-weather model and supposed to give a great return on your money. You can try it out, albeit at your own risk.

The Ecsta Series

In addition to Ecsta LX Platinum that is available in the luxury car division, the company offers other models such as XS KU36, MX KU15, LE Sport KU39, ASX KU21, SPT KU31, AST KU25 and STX KL12. All these are performance tires and meant for all season and all-terrain usage. However, noise is a major problem after you cross 40,000 miles. Some drivers have also mentioned difficulty in driving in very wet weather as traction declines. AST KU25 has been rates four stars out of five and the average rating for all other tires in this range is four. The biggest advantage of the tire is its affordability and as such, most users have mentioned this. Although one of the major factors that tilts the balance in favor of this range, it has proved good in many aspects. The ride is smooth with minimal bumps.

Light truck and SUV tires

The Road Venture Series is for light trucks and SUVs. These tires are supposed to be great for both on-road and off-road uses. The models available in this series are Road Venture SAT KL61, APT KL51, AT KL78 and MT KL71. Despite big claims, not many of these models are very satisfactory in performance. The wear is bad and so is the noise. However, APT KL51 is a satisfactory tire in this range and a good investment for your car. The others can be yours is cost is your single main criteria.


Solus KR21 comes with an 85,000 mile tread wear warranty. For the initial 25% of the wear, the company provides road hazard service and round the clock breakdown assistance. The warranty is provided for a couple of years, beginning from the day you make the purchase.


Kumho tires are a good buy since they are exceptionally affordable. Further, only certain types of tires in each range are high in performance. Initial performance is good but will time it declines and becomes noisy. You need to check warranty before purchasing. Nevertheless, the company does offer a few great models that are exceptionally high in performance while being attractive in their pricing.

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Car tire measurements

When you are getting a new car tire, you need the best items for your car. The brands are many, and you will have to consider the characteristics of each one of them for comparison.

The size

The producers of the cars state the recommended size of tires. This information can be found on the original tires of every car, but also on the interior of the door of the gas filter.

The weight index

The weight index represents a standard number that refers to the maximum allowed weight that the tire can sustain for maximum safety. For example, a weight index of 91 means it sustains 615 kilograms of load.

The speed index

The speed index means the maximum allowed speed for the tire not to break. As an example, a H index means 210 kilometers/hour. The two indexes can usually be found on the lateral side of the tire.

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Goodyear Tires

The tag of the world’s leading tire manufacturing units does not come easily, and Goodyear Tires is a company that has earned the right to be tagged in such a manner. With over 70,00 employees and as many as 57 world class manufacturing facilities over 23 countries, Goodyear is undoubtedly one of the mammoth global tire makers. Frank Seiberling sowed the seeds of Goodyear Tires in 1898, and named the company after the inventor of vulcanized rubber named Charles Goodyear. Since then, the company has grown into a full fledged tree with its roots deeply entrenched in the market. Today, Goodyear Tires is the third largest tire manufacturer across the globe, and hot in pursuit of the other two podium spots currently occupied by Bridgestone and Michelin.

Goodyear Tires have been known for their ease of maintenance and easy handling right from the first day they made their way to the markets. And it speaks volumes in favour of the company’s quality measures that the same parameters are still delivered upon, apart from several others as well. Goodyear Tires manufactures all kinds of tires. From people looking to purchase cheap tires as replacements for their infrequently driven vehicles to drivers wanting to buy reliable and sturdy winter tires, there is something for every category of needs as far as Goodyear Tires’ catalog is concerned. Apart from being one of the most respected and trusted suppliers of car and minivantires, Goodyear also takes care of the needs of SUVs and trucks. And then, there is a good mix of sports performance tires and winter tires from Goodyear on offer.

Apart from the quality of tires, Goodyear also deserves applauds for its intelligent marketing strategies. The company has been successful in penetrating the markets and ensuring easy availability of tires for its customers. Automobile owners are always on the lookout for cheap tires, and Goodyear has come up with the idea of a special credit card for its customers which lets them purchase any tires from Goodyear. This ensures that they get the world renowned quality of Goodyear tires, coupled with the psychological comfort of the thought of having purchased a set of relatively better and cheap tires.


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Tire Markings

The following diagram helps to understand the markings of each car tire

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How to Find Good Used Tires

Used tires are an excellent alternative to very expensive new ones if you can find a set that are in good shape, which is the key to acquiring these items. The following advice just possibly could come in handy.

1. What most people do not realize is that the major tire dealers also have used tires for sale. They do not advertise this of course, since it would take away from their new tire sales. Do not be afraid to stop into these types of stores that are located close to your home, and find out if they have what you are looking for.

2. We have all seen the little businesses on the side of the road that sell used tires. These types of establishments get wholesale used tires from the major tire dealers that are selling new tires. Sometimes they get a complete set of tires, but on most occasions they will only be able to acquire a single tire. If you are looking for a complete set, please be sure to read Tip 3 below. If you are only looking for a single tire, these types of businesses will usually have what you need.

3. If you know you are going to need a set of tires in the near future, and do want to have to purchase a brand new expensive set, there are alternatives. What you should do is to visit a few of the local “Used Tire” stores and provide them your tire specifications and the date you wish to purchase them. The owners of these businesses will then get on the phone to their dealers and see if they cannot find a cheap set for you.

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Measurements on Car Tires

Not many people are aware that the tires of the cars they drive are calibrated with tiny writings on the sides. Many people who do know of their existence are not aware of what the measurements mean. Although the meaning is pretty simple, not many bother to go into the technicalities of the tire. Several people tend to be satisfied in the knowledge of whether the car tires provide traction, are inflated and whether they provide a smooth ride. Nevertheless, knowing what the measurements on the tire mean can be very useful in emergencies. The measurements on the tire are a gauge of its model, type and usage pattern. They look like gibberish on the first look, with a weird combination of numbers and alphabets. Below given is an elucidation about the various markings make on the car tire.

Size of the tire

A measurement which reads 250/60/16 on your tire corresponds to its size. 16 refer to the size of the rim, which is 16 inches, over which the tire has to sit. Rims are available in different sizes based on the type of vehicle. Every tire has certain acceptable rim widths that are to be used. Rims are manufactured according to series numbers and each series has a specific range of width. Rim sizes are available in 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17. These standard sizes are suitable for all kinds of vehicles ranging from heavy vehicles to light vehicles. It is very important that the tire be a perfect fit on the rim. If your rim is smaller that the tire, then the tire becomes loose and comes off the rim. The tire also does not give a long life.

Percentage height and width

In the above given example, 60 refers to the percentage of height that the width of the tire attains. In this case, it means that the width of the tire will be 60% its height. Therefore, the height of the vehicle is lowered. You will also find 50% and 70% calibration on the tire. A wider tire is not the best choice for vehicles. Lower the width better will be the life and performance of the vehicle. However, you need to keep the overall height of the vehicle in mind. The vehicle should not be lowered such that it gets hits on minor speed breakers on the road. Moreover, the basic requirement of height varies from one vehicle to other depending upon the weight, load carrying capacity and size. Based on all these factors, the percentage width height should be chosen. Mechanics take up tire size conversion works and they will be able to give you the desired height and width for the tire. However, if you opt to buy a branded tire, then the calibrations are prefixed. Tire conversion is a complicated process that required experience and expertise since the safety of the vehicle depends of the efficiency of the tire. The number 60 on the wheel also indicates that the side wall height is 60mm.

Maximum width of the tire

The first digit 250 refers to the maximum width of the tire at any given point of time. More technically, the number indicates the size of the tire. When inflated fully, the tire reaches a width of 25 cm of 250 millimeters.

Usage calibration

Tires usually sport more measurements than just the basic size of the tire. The measurements on them include the usage pattern as well. A full length measurement on the tire reads something like P250 60 VR 16. As mentioned above 16, 60 and 250 refer to rim size, percentage width and maximum width of the tire when fully inflated, respectively. The numerals on the tire are a measure of the tire’s dimensions. The alphabet “P” refers to the usage pattern. Here, its means “Passenger Load”. Since the load carrying requirement of cargo vehicles are much higher, they are differently calibrated. For all passenger vehicles, the first letter has to be “P”. In some tires, you will find a calibration as “LT”, which stands for light truck. Both the tires are used for passenger automobiles. However, a P rating provides more comfort since the tread patterns are subtle. LT rating is higher on weight carrying capacity.

Speed rating

The next alphabets in the series, VR, stand for speed. Tires are calibrated on two speed scales – below 149 miles per hour and above that value. For tires that are to be used only for speed below 149mph, the calibration is VR. If you require driving at speeds that are above this value, then you need to go in for a “Z” rated tire. In addition to these two ratings, which are found in maximum number of automobiles, there is a special rating for smaller cars as well. For smaller vehicles, which are not permitted to run above a speed of 110mph, you will find a rating saying “H”. You can choose the tire based on your speed requirements.

Other writings on the tire

In addition to these measurements that are engraved on the tire you also find other markings. In most of the tires, the name of the manufacturer is a standard fixture. The commercial name of the company is included along the outermost ring of the tire. The type of construction of the tire is also mentioned on the tire. You will “radial” written on the tire, which means the tire is a radial construction. M&S marking on the tire indicates its suitability for use on mud and snow. In some special tires, you may not find this rating. Tires also contain pressure marking which indicate the maximum pressure that the tire can take while being inflated. The country there the tire is manufactured is also mentioned on the tire. These are the important markings that are present on any tire. Some tires also contain temperature markings; traction rating and tread wear rating. To put it concisely, the markings on the car indicate all aspects of the tire, from size to place of manufacturing.

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Buying Car Tires

Tires are some of the most important parts of a car and the most important as far as the safety of the car is concerned. They can be a major factor in deciding whether your car moves smoothly or just wobbles. Every car owner or driver knows that bad tires are a recipe for car accidents. Every driver would wish to have tires that don’t skid on the road and those that will give him a good grip of the road.
Selecting car tires for your car is not an easy task especially for first time car owners. With price of goods having escalated so much in the last few years, no one wishes to buy car tires only to realize that they are not fit for your car or perhaps they were overpriced. One needs not be a car expert to be able to choose the right tire for your car though. Here are a few tips on what to look out for when selecting car tires.

What to remember
The first thing you must remember when buying car tires is the type you want. Without knowing the exact type of tire you want it is highly unlikely that you will choose the right tire. Basically there are three types of tires.
There are those tires meant for all seasons and all weathers. Such types of tires are designed to perform moderately well in almost all types of weather but they may not do well in extreme weathers. Extreme weather requires use of tires made specifically for he extreme weathers.

Then there are high performance or off road tires. These ones are designed to perform exceptionally well. Since they are mostly used in tourist vehicles, luxury cars and sports cars, they are designed in a stylish and appealing way.
The other type of tires is the heavy duty tires. These ones are designed to more durable than the common tires as they are meant to be used by vehicles that withstand large amounts of stress. They are normally used by long distance transporters that pass through rough roads and varying terrains while carrying heavy loads.

Before buying a tire fist consider the terrain of the place where you mostly use the vehicle. If the area is mostly rainy, you will obviously need tires that perform well under wet conditions. If your area is quite snowy you will need tires that can give you good performance even under extreme snow conditions. In case you move around quite a lot and experience different types of terrains and weathers it would be safest to go for all weather or all terrain tires.

If you are not an expert with car tires, replace your car tire with exactly the same kind of tire as was there before. The only exception to this is if the previous tire exhibited serious weaknesses that you would like to avoid this time around. All the brand information you might need is usually printed on the tires you are using. Such information includes the tire height, width and the diameter. It also contains some other important information like tire speed estimates, load ratings and many others. You may even be able to recognize the tire physically by looking at the design and the size.

You must also consider the durability of the tire. No one wants to buy a tire that will be out of use in a few days. Tires have different lifespans measured in miles, and in some countries, kilometers. Normally those with shorter life spans provide a very high performance on town environments. This is because they are normally manufactured for smooth rides, not necessarily for durability. You choose a tire with a lifespan that suits your needs. Again, the cost is a factor too as the more durable the tire the more it might cost.

The style and quality of the tire might be another factor to consider. This especially applies to sports car and luxury vehicles. If a car was designed for luxury you wouldn’t want to spoil the design by fitting it with some cheap looking tires. Touring cars fall in this category too. This does not mean all tires fitted should be sporty. You can choose rugged, modern or elegant tires depending on the design and style of your car. The bottom line is that the tire you choose should complement the looks of your car.

Another factor is tire ride noise. While it is true that all tires produce some noise, some produce more noise than others depending on the type of tread on it. The only way to know which tire tread produces the highest noise is by conducting some research. Before you walk into a tire shop to buy one, you should have known which tire tread produces the right amount of noise for you.

You must also consider speed rating. A tire speed rating the most appropriate speed at which one can safely can drive using the tire for a given period of time. The choice of speed ratings depends on an individuals driving patterns. Those who love driving at high speeds should choose tires with high tire speed ratings and vice versa to avoid accidents.

Fixing the tire
After you have bought the tires you will still need to fix them. Unless you very are good at this, leave it to the mechanic. The mechanic should be a professional one probably one who has dealt with such a problem several times before. Having one who deals with your car all the time is advised as he might notice if any problem develops.

When to change tires
Knowing exactly when to replace tires is important. Most people only rush to replace tires when they get punctured or are worn out completely. This is dangerous as it exposes you to the risk of accidents. The best time to replace your tires is when your tire tread becomes considerably small. You may also decide to change into a new tire just before you embark on a long journey to avoid the risk of getting a puncture on the way.

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