What Causes the Most Car Crashes?

Each year, about 40,000 people are killed in car accidents every single year and plenty more are seriously injured or handicapped. In some cases, the term "car accident" is a misnomer because some of these deadly car accidents could have been easily prevented. Here are some of the leading causes of car crashes in the United States of America.

Human Error

The top reason why car accident occur is because of human error. The most common error is speeding. Most drivers, however, don't admit that it was their fault the accident occurred.

Equipment Failure

Believe it or not, equipment failure actually causes less than five percent of all car accidents, although there are plenty of people who like to blame their car accidents on equipment failure. 

Due to modern dual-circuit brakes, break failure causing car accidents is much less common than it was before. If one side of the break fails, then the car can usually still be stopped with the other side. Tire failure often causes car accidents, though. Make sure the tires of your car are inflated, balanced, aligned, and have working suspensions. Get a mechanic to check your tiles every 5,000 miles if you cannot. If the steering or suspension system of your vehicle fails, a car accident is almost bound to happen, so that system should be checked every 10,000 miles by a mechanic. Basic maintenance can save lives, so it's important that you make sure you have the resources at your disposal to take care of issues as they come up. Insurance can be a big help and a legal necessity. Comparing policies can help you stay safe and save money.

The Roads

Many drivers who have gotten into car accidents attempt to blame the conditions of the road, but the road conditions are almost never the cause. Years have been spent making roads safe for drivers. Intersections, bends, crests, school zones, crossings, and merging lanes are the causes of road accidents. Road construction, wild animals, and traffic jams are also the cause of many accidents.

When accidents occur because of the conditions of the road, the problem is often weather. Ice and snow caused by weather in the winter are hazards that can affect the road conditions due to the lack of a grip for the tires of cars.

Poor Maintenance

Sometimes, poor maintenance of the road causes car accidents. Debris on the road that is not cleared can lead to accidents, as can faded or obscured road signs. Pot holes and road construction can also lead to plenty of car accidents. If you know of any pot holes or bad signs, you should contact your police department to see if they can do anything about it.

During the winter, plenty of people blame car accidents on unsalted, or sanded roads. Often times, though, the real cause of the accident was speeding. Whenever the roads are icy, you should slow down whether or not their salted.

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Get the Best Price on a Car in Alabama

Getting the best car that you can may take you a little bit of time, but if you visit Alabama car dealers you will find the ride that you want at the price you can afford. These great car dealers are willing to do just about anything to get you into the car that you want to drive. It does not matter if you are looking for a brand new car, or you just want a beater to get you from here to there. If you know what you are looking for, they will help you find it.

The best thing about most car dealers is that they will do just about anything to make your day. They will spend countless hours looking for the right vehicle for you, and they are happy to do it. Even if you do not know what type of car you want, they will help you to decide upon the best vehicle for your lifestyle. They will take into consideration your familial situation, and do what they can to put you into the best and safest vehicle. The car dealers will make sure that the vehicle they sell you is not going to be a lemon. They will provide you with all of the necessary information regarding your vehicle, and they will also give you a comprehensive overview of the history of every used car. Most of the dealers will also give you the most money that they can for your trade. This means that you may have a little bit of leverage when it comes to the bargaining table.

Alabama car dealers truly do care about the customers. They put them first, because they understand that getting a top quality vehicle at a great price will make you a return customer. Take the time now to shop around at the local dealerships, or go online and see what you can find. Once you find the right car dealer, you will never have to shop around for a quality vehicle ever again.

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How important is Car Tires Attractiveness?

Attractiveness, any shape or form is appealing to the one that witnesses it. Women think about being attractive more than men, who only ever think about simply “looking good”. How any drivers actually think about Car Tire Attractiveness? Not many now that you come to think of it.

Recent research shows that only 49.8% of males in America, 47% of males in Great Britain and 20% of the males in Canada think about “updating—pimping their cars!!” Not surprisingly enough though, women are in much less percentage. For men, the car represents their status, well-being and can be thought of as their property which has gained their efforts in looking the best.

The statistics prove that for men car attractiveness is very important. However, what surprises anyone the most is the fact that tires are seen as the platform of attractiveness before any other thing in a car. Fantastic rims, top of the line tires and a ground-breaking sound system are some of the things men look for in a good car. Mileage, car interiors and the drive of the car are minor factors and seem to reside within mature men.

It is no wonder that many men go to any lengths to decorate their beauty bombshells!! No price can be put on looking good and to get a 4 lusciously shiny new rims—20-22 inch in size, can cost you anywhere from $700-$15,000!! Getting tires for sports or luxury cars also fall in this range.

Tire manufacturers have been booming since business has been so good, men and women of all ages come to purchase expensive looking tires and rims all for show and competition.

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How can Tire Scuffs be avoided?

Tire scuffs are normal. This must be good news for those individuals who have suffered at the hand of countless scuffing marks on their tires!! What you should keep in mind is that your tires are as important as any other part of your car. Therefore maintain your car tires rather than having to end up replacing them.

The best advice to avoid tire scuffing is keeping your tires clean!! Cleanliness cannot be overemphasized, because it results to other concluding factors. When, however, you keep your tired clean, the rims and tires won’t suffer much wear and tear. They will only be exposed to road surfacing and that will constitute normal abrasion.

Tires need regular care and cleaning, car washes and weekly “TLC treatments” are perfect to keep them looking brand new and looking fresh. Next piece of good advice would be to maintain tires. Maintaining tires consists of three main things: Rotation, Inflation Pressure and Repair. Rotation also depends on Tire Alignment. Make sure you align your car tires every month or so to ensure efficient rotation of tires. Rotate your tires every time you go for an oil change, this habit will reduce 45% of deterioration resulting in damage.

Tire pressure must be maintained to ensure that the car travels at maximum speed and at a proper pace. The air pressure on all four tires including the spare should be checked at least once a month. Only 1 out 7 drivers does this consistently indicating a lack of responsibility and recklessness.

Lastly repair must be made on any damage done to the tires. Leaving it unattended only worsens your chances of having an accident and suffering an injury!

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Low Profile Tires?

Okay so yes, everyone likes big tires; big tires seem much cooler than smaller safer ones!!! It comes as no surprised when you see teenage boys spend so much money on their cars and even they evolve into men, nothing changes. Boys have their toys—rims and low profile tires and men have overall hardcore vehicles designed to kill the road!!

What are low profile tires and why might an individual choose them?

Low profile tires are essentially described as tires having specially a short sidewall height. This can also be defined as the low “Aspect Ratio” in tire jargon. Shorter sidewalls result to sharper handling but also give a rougher ride i.e. the smoothness will be interchanged for a rough ride, the road then is able to transfer every bump and road flaw directly to the vehicle suspension, causing you to be more attentive whilst driving because the stakes just got higher.

For most people having low profile tires is just simply for show!! Many people like the way they look on a car. Therefore it can be said that they are all about the physical appearance and functionality than safety and comfort. The bigger the wheel the smaller the profile will be of tire. This, in turn equals to shorter sidewalls. This is especially good for sports cars, it does mean however, that your tires will lack any form of longevity and may need to be replaced frequently. It is alright for anyone who is a millionaire!! But for the rest of the consumer pool, it is safe to say you will only purchase low profile once or twice and it will be only due to the fact that they look good and high speeds can be reached within seconds.

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Mix Radial and Cross-Ply?

People always want the best of both worlds! Some are just not accustomed to the idea of either having your cake and being satisfied and want to eat it as well. The same thing applies for anyone who asks if they can mix and match radial tires and cross-plies. It is surprising for people to find out that when and if you do mix these two tire types instead of both types of advantages coming together, this is a recipe for disaster!

One word of advice—which should be followed strictly, never try to mix and match radial and cross-plies. Do not do such an action as this can severely deteriorate the handling and stability of the vehicle. It also causes extreme wear and tear, decreasing the longevity of the tires which were initially made to last as long as 50,000 miles will now barely last for 20,000 miles.

Quite a few individuals are misconceived about this procedure thinking that legally it is a problem. Legal issues won’t bother you if you do not mix these two types together, legality will become the only issue on your mind if you do, characteristically these two types are made for different function—to be carried out on two different cars!!

Safety is a major issue which you would put into jeopardy when you mix radial and cross-ply tires. Other issues can be of performance. The whole point of changing your tires is so that you can achieve or maintain the kind of performance your tires are made for. When you mix these two types you end up risking a decline in performance as well as login grip and control. Stability is nerved and not entirely satisfactory.

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Leasing a Luxury Car

Nowadays it’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3 when it comes to leasing a luxury car. This option is much better suited to those individuals who love the feeling of owning a high-line car for a limited amount of time and enjoy change!!!

Leasing a luxury car comes with extra benefits; you can get excellent interiors, as well as 24-hour service maintenance for the car. What most drivers enjoy about a luxury car is that the wheels are unbelievably awesome!!

What this means for the owner is that extra care must also be taken when using the car. Some luxury cars come with luxury tires as well. High end brands will be used and recommended for the car. This may also mean that if you do decide to change the tires, you will have to choose a brand of tires from the recommended list given to you with your lease agreement.

Tire standards for luxury cars are not that different than those for normal cars. The only major distinction is that is made is on the price of repairing damaged tires. Normal tires consist of 7-10% of the whole lease agreement, luxury tires consist of up to 15-17%. This also means that any irresponsibility on your part will result in a heavy fine.

Michelin, Pirelli and Good Year are all tires that are in high demand for luxury cars but also demand a lot of work to be done in order to keep them top notch. Avoid any scuffs and broken trims, bad driving habits can also be avoided—although luxury cars tempt you to drive insanely!! When replacing these tires all guidelines must be followed as with normal tires.

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Tire Return Standards for Leased Cars

Leasing a car has received a bad reputation from many buyers. It’s no wonder that it seems less like an agreement to use a car for a specific period of time and more like a finance agreement gone wrong because you didn’t understand the terms and conditions!!

Before you start contemplating about your next car, make sure to take your reading glasses out and re-read the lease agreement. Everything should be in exactly the same condition as it was when given to you, this includes tires, rims etc.
Fair “wear and tear” claims the proper condition of tires, companies understand that scuffing will occur but everything must either be maintained or repaired in the case of damage. Any cost towards this repair will be less than that presented to you after the inspection. Tire standards in majority of the cars leased state that the tires must not be changed other than the ones recommended for the car. Therefore, if you have changed the tires, the original ones must be replaced before returning the car.

Advice for wheel trims state that any broken of scuffed wheel trims are not acceptable and sufficient charges would be taken on if not repaired before showing your dealer. Some drivers need to hit the curbs to know where to stop, trims get damaged and things get out hand.

Wheels demand that you keep them clean, this may be insignificant of a detail but the accumulation of dust and pollutants cause corrosion and rusting. This can also cause damage to your tires and rims. Overall state of tires must be as original as possible. This is a must for 80% of all cars.

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Goodyear Honest Review

Goodyear tires – America on wheels

Goodyear tires in United States are some of the largest sold tires. If the sale figures are an indication of efficiency, then Goodyear has a lot in its favor. The company is over a hundred years old and all during the years, it has come up with products that have lasted the test of time. Innovations in tire manufacturing is the forte of Goodyear as they roll out tire after tire in different makes and models to suit the requirements of different vehicles. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects of the tire that may not tilt the balance in its favor. Well, we are not here on a character assassination drive. We are here to call a spade a spade and to offer you an unbiased review on various Goodyear tires. We are also not here to force our opinion on you. Read the review, assess the pros and cons and make your decision. After all, it is your vehicle. Who are we to choose?!

The Goodyear range

Goodyear has a considerable range of tires that make their presence felt in the automobile industry in a big way. The company manufactures tires for different types of vehicles such as passenger, SUVs, vehicles for the farm sector and cargo trucks. You can find good quality tires for all vehicles in the Goodyear range, be it a small car, vans, minibus, cargo vehicles or SUVs.

Car and minivan range

Goodyear has a decent range in car and minivan tires. The “Assurance” range of tires is good. Apart from the four variations, Assurance ComforTred Touring, Assurance Fuel Max, Assurance TripleTred and Assurance TripleTred All Season tires, the company manufactures the Integrity tire, which is good all season tire. Confortred can safely be said to be one of the best tires in this range. The features that attract customers to this tire are its durability and comfort. They are also effective, but not great, for driving in snow. The traction is excellent, though. However, this wonderful tire is expensive, just as many good things are. Fuel Max is a tire that has received a decent feedback from users. The tire is great in dry weather, good in wet weather and bad in snow. The treadwear, handling and comfort are acceptable but the noise that it makes it not. On the whole, this is a decent tire that can be invested upon, on the condition that you use it only in dry and moderate climates. The TripleTred tire is a good one. With good traction, handling, treadwear and low noise, this is a truly all-weather tire. With this one, you will not be disappointed, although you have to part with a bit more money for this.

Integrity cannot be integrated among the best or the good

Integrity tire, on the other hand, is positively scary and bad. There is nothing much to say about it except a warning “BUY AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK” and you better have insurance.

SUV/Truck range

The SUV/Truck range of Goodyear is huge. Fortera Tripletred is the good one in the range of Fortera tires. Being excellent in all weathers and all road condition, this is a perfect tire for your truck. The grip and traction are great; they look good and offer a comfortable drive. Now, with all these comforts, if you have to make a little adjustment with noise, then it is probably worth it. However, the off-road traction is positively bad, which may be a handicap, considering the vehicle is a truck. The other tires in the Fortera range are Fortera HL, which is alright and Fortera SL, which is not exceptional either. All these tires are unfortunately bad off-road. The Wrangler Range is the other SUV range in Goodyear. The tires in this range are Wrangler AT, which is good on and off-road, Wrangler AT/S (P), which is good in snow and alright on dry and wet conditions, Wrangler AT/S, which is similar to the prior model and Wrangler DuraTrac, which is great in snow and off-road conditions. The other tires in the Wrangler range are Wrangler HP, HP(P), HT, MT/R, RT/S(P), Radial, SR-A, ST(P) and Silent Armor. Most of the tires in the Wrangler range are okay for off-road driving except ST (P), which is bad for off-road conditions but is admirable silent. Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar is the best tire in this range.

Other tires in Goodyear

In addition to all the tires reviewed above, the company makes special tires for extreme winters and sports utility tires. Sports tires are great in traction but only not brilliant in comfort. However, for those who are enthralled by speed, this tire may be a good option. Nevertheless, there are other tires that are good for sports vehicles and perform better than Goodyear. Winter tires, as expected, are excellent in snow and ice traction. However, the tires are not very suitable once winter wanes. Also, the life is less.

Further Reading: cheapgoodyeartires.blogspot.com/…/Cheap-Goodyear-Tires and goodyear-brakeorama.com/…/Goodyear-Tires-On-Sale.

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BF Goodrich Tires

About the company:

BFGoodrich, the first American tire manufacturer, has been operating since 1870. Michelin Group of France bought the naming rights in 1988 and have been operating the company ever since. The company manufactures tires for all different types of vehicles from off road vehicles, sports cars, sports trucks, passenger cars, pickup trucks, off road vehicles and family SUVs.

About its products:

Basically, BFGoodrich focuses on making tires that will not only perform well and provide comfort but at the same time also look superb and last a very long time. The durability of these tires is such that they may last you a lifetime. The following paragraph discusses the particular qualities of each of the company’s different product types.

The tires built specifically for sport cars are built to provide excellent traction and handling. According to Car & Driver, the g-force T/A KD model from this range of tires is the fastest tire on any production car. On the other hand, for passenger vehicles, BFGoodrich manufactures tires that offer durability and stability. Coming to SUVs, the company offers comfort, smoothness and a quality passenger ride. Tires built for sport trucks are designed to provide optimum wet and dry traction with good handling capabilities. Due to the nature of off-road going vehicles, specific tires are built that look tough and aggressive and provide superior traction even in the most extreme conditions. This makes BFGoodrich a very popular company amongst off-road racers. The company is now one of the top choices for street racing enthusiasts after rise in popularity of street racing and tuner cars.

Product reviews:

BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO – is a model which as the name suggests is as good on road as it is off road. While maintaining minimum noise level, it enhances cornering, handling and braking capabilities. Customers that have bought this tire show great satisfaction and the willingness to buy it again. This tire has a long life and increased durability and outstanding traction.

BF Goodrich Long Trail T/A – provides a quiet and smooth motorway ride with long mileage. They are designed to provide grip in all weather conditions. The asymmetric tread design minimizes motorway noise for a perfect journey.

BF Goodrich Macadam T/A – is a model which is equipped with a solid tread pattern in order to maximize the traction and control on most surfaces. To make the journey extra comfortable, specially designed grooves block out the road noise. This tire is enhanced with both dry and wet braking abilities which enable it to deliver consistent performance.

BF Goodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2 – is the ultimate off-road tire for hardcore off-road drivers. Built entirely for the purpose of going off-road, there is no obstacle too big for it.

The company’s ability make good looking and durable tires sets it aside from other manufacturers and leaves no other choice for people looking for that ultimate all-terrain experience. Having said that, all tires built for family cars are enhanced with noise cancelling and smoothness capabilities which makes BFGoodrich a highly successful tire company overall.

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