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Review of BF Goodrich Car Tires

If there is one thing that makes BF Goodrich Tires special, it is their group of employees who are dedicated not just to creating wheels but to experience hardcore performance as well. The employees of the company love to race and they understand what it takes to make a wheel work in favor of the driver. And so, the company endures and creates wheels that have earned the pride of place among the eminent tires in the United States. The company has a huge range of tires in various interesting categories such as Everyday, Tuner, Sports and Performance, Truck, Hot Rod, Off-Road, Competition and Winter. With a big range and good performance, many of their tires are good. But remember, perfection is a fickle mistress, she belongs to none. BF Goodrich has its loopholes too. Read on further to know and understand BF Goodrich better than you ever have before.

BF Goodrich Performance tires

In the performance category, BF Goodrich offers four models – KDW, Super Sport A/S, Sport and R1. KDW is a good tire from BF Goordrich. High in performance, grip, style and traction, this tire is well worth its slightly high cost. They are good for snow and wet conditions. However, they do not have great wear and durability. Unfortunately, they also do not come with warranty. Fuel efficiency is low too. The user reviews for this tire are rather mixed. The Super Sport A/S is high in performance, comfort, and handling and braking but wear can be better in this model too. Fuel efficiency is unsatisfactory. While some say that sports vehicles are not equipped for good wear, incorporating this much desirable quality in performance tires can be a huge advantage in the tire’s favor. BF Goodrich Sport is a very ordinary tire with just acceptable comfort level, handling power and braking. The wear and fuel efficiency are more bad when compared to other performance models. The R1 model is highly specific in usage. While it is better than the all the other models in terms of handling and braking, it is the worst in fuel efficiency, comfort and wear. It is perfect for the track, though.

Everyday tires

The Everyday range for BF Goodrich is a set of tires that provide good performance for highway and street conditions. They are used for passenger vehicles and are available in six models – Super Sport A/S, Traction T/A, Advantage T/A, Long Trail Tour, Super Sport A/S H/V and Premier Touring. Premier Touring is a good tire in this range. Although the performance in snow is only mediocre, performance in dry and wet conditions is good. The wear is good. Price is not very cheap, although affordable. Noise seems to be a problem with this tire. Traction T/A is a tire that ranks very high in wear, comfort and braking although fuel efficiency can improve a lot. Not bad, overall. However, enhancing the visual appeal of the tire is one aspect that the makers can work on. Advantage T/A is the best in comfort in the whole range. The dry grip is excellent and the tire is durable. However, in tune with rest of the set, fuel efficiency is not very good. Nevertheless, this tire does seem to be the best in the lot. Long Trail Tour tires are great in comfort and wear. They are best suited for SUVs that travel long distances. However, off-road performance is real hopeless.

BF Goodrich Off-road tires

BF Goodrich has brought out a tough range of tires for off-road conditions. There are three tires in this range – All Terrain KO, Mud Terrain KM and Mud Terrain KM2. All Terrain KO offer high off-road performance, as it is meant to do. In addition, the tire provides good braking power. However, comfort and fuel efficiency are not very high. One aspect that will tilt the balance in favor of the tire is its excellent wear. Mud Terrain KM is tougher and better than KO in off road traction and grip but inferior in all other aspects such as comfort, fuel efficiency and wear. KM2 is better than KM in braking but in all other aspects, it is much similar to KM.


BF Goodrich makes good performance tires. There are a lot of avenues in which the tires can improve, the major of which being fuel efficiency. Price is reasonable, but not the lowest.

Is the tire recommendable?

The tires of BF Goodrich are good. However, for most of the tires, warranty is not offered. Further, tires are not readily available. So, you will have to put in a waiting period. However, the points in favor of the tire are higher when compared to those against it. So, if you have to recommend it, then do it but with care. Not all tires are excellent, although a lot of them are very good.

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