Barum Tires

This is a review of the Barum car tire. The company is based in the Czech Republic, and their tire division is a joint venture with Continental AG. They were founded in 1924 as a manufacture of rubber soles for shoes, and in 1934 they started tire production. Today, they make tires that are recommended for both summer and winter use.

Their summer tires, the Bravuris are a high performance style of tire that is supposed to be used on passenger cars. Less than 50% of the people that purchase them; said that they would do it again. That being said, they do have a very loyal strong customer base who believe it is an excellent and long lasting tire.

For wet grip they receive a 81% rating, for dry grip they receive a 52% rating, for road feedback they receive a 62% rating, for progressiveness they receive a 63% rating, for wear a 56% rating, and for comfort a 73% rating. All of the ratings where done by actual owners of the tires, and the highest possible rating was 100%.

The manufacturer claims the tire is very economical and provides a smooth ride. They state it is very safe to use in wet conditions, because it holds the road superbly, and it allows for very safe and steady breaking. The tire has been tested by a German company called Technischer Ueberwachungs-Verein (TUV), and they determined it was a good solid tire.

Their winter brands include the following, the Polaris 2 for cars, and the Norpolaris, which is a studded tire that is not available in all countries. The Polaris 2 model is intended to be driven in the snow where it is designed to firmly grip the road. It has the following features; it contour makes certain of low wear, it diffuses slush and water extremely proficiently, the tread grips well on wet roads, and it has sipes that dig deep into the snow.

The tire is available in almost any size that a car could require. Many users of it feel it enhances their safety in wet or snowy conditions. It is priced to be an economical tire, despite the fact it performs very well when driven at high rates of speed.

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