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End Date: Monday Oct-8-2018 6:27:45 PDT
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4x P225/55R17 Arizonian Silver Edition III 8-8.5/32nds Used Tire

End Date: Wednesday Oct-17-2018 8:22:00 PDT
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Used Arizonian 195/55R16 Tire

End Date: Tuesday Oct-2-2018 13:41:20 PDT
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(1) ARIZONIAN SILVER EDITION TIRE 215/55R17 94V 8/32 TREAD 215 55 17 #154

End Date: Sunday Sep-30-2018 7:53:07 PDT
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Arizonian Silver Edition III 225/65R17 102T Used Tire 5-6/32 702198

End Date: Tuesday Oct-23-2018 4:54:23 PDT
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P205/65R15 Arizonian Silver Edition III 94T Tire (9/32nd) No Repairs

End Date: Saturday Oct-20-2018 14:00:51 PDT
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Arizonian Silver Edition III 225/60R17 99T Used Tire 7-8/32 504955

End Date: Wednesday Oct-3-2018 5:04:19 PDT
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USED Arizonian Silver Edition, 215/65 R16 Tire, Lot 137

End Date: Wednesday Oct-10-2018 13:48:44 PDT
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225/60R16 Arizonian Silver Edition III 98T Tire (9/32nd) No Repairs

End Date: Saturday Oct-20-2018 14:00:37 PDT
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Review of Arizonian Car Tires

Arizonian tires have a decent range of tires that are suitable for a lot of vehicles. With cutting edge technology, the company has brought out tires that are durable and reliable. The flagship of the company is the Silver line of tires that have obtained the best reviews from users. If you look into various forums, users not only report satisfaction with use, they recommend them too. Read on below to understand the pros and cons of different tires in the Arizonian range. The aim is to help you select the best tire for your vehicle so that you enjoy long and comfortable drives, which are relaxing to the mind while not burning a hole in your pocket.

Arizonian Silver Range

The Arizonian Silver Edition passenger/performance tires are some of the best tires available in the market. With encouraging reviews from those who have used the product, these tires are here to stay and continue to grow. The tire has garnered an overall rating of 4.5 out of five stars. The tire has been reported as providing great road grip even in torrential rains. The traction is good and the tire is durable. To top it off, the cost is very affordable. Driving on snow can be bit of a problem but that is during heavy snow. The tire manages moderate snow pretty well. The Arizonian Silver Edition truck/SUV tire is another one of the Silver edition tire that is high in performance. The tire provides easy handling with high balance and good traction. An attractive factor with these tires is the low noise levels.

Arizonian Silver Edition Plus

Silver edition plus is advancement over the Silver edition. New treads have been created in order for the tire to be able to deal with different weather conditions, be it summer, winter or the rainy season. The traction offered by the tires is good in all road conditions. Further, noise is low and comfort is high. Sipes have been provided along the sides in order to increase road grip. With all the benefits of the range and the cost remaining very affordable, the Silver Edition Plus has picked up sales in a big way.

The Rocky Mountain range

The Rocky mountain range has been well appreciated by users. The Arizonian Rocky Mountain Passenger/performance A/S tires have achieved 4.5 stars out of 5 and have been well admired. With good workmanship and durability, these tires have made their way into the American market with a decent patronage. Further, users also report that these all-weather tires are good for use in all weathers, be it dry, wet or snow. The tire gives a good performance on rainy days as well. Although several users are skeptic about the tire lasting for more than 40,000 miles, they are assured that the treadwear is going to be decent. Most of them have nothing bad to write about the tire except about the wear. But that does not seem to matter in comparison to highlights since the tire has garnered good ratings.

Arizonian Mohave Passenger/Performance tire

These tires have drawn flak from users. The narrow tread of the tire make it unsuitable for off-road use. So, you better not use it for your SUVs. Further, the users have never been comfortable about balance and stability of the tire. It seems to skid and slip a bit too much for their liking. The tires are prone to puncture, which is one factor that turns most people away from the tires. However, most of the users who are complaining are the ones who bought the tire because of its low cost because the cost is really low. But in the wake of all these issues, the tire does seem a huge waste of hard earned money. The choice of a tire has more to do with quality rather than price. You wouldn’t want to be stuck up with a flat tire on a rainy night or skid into some place dangerous, would you? When it comes to tires, make a smart choice and do not choose something like Arizonian Mohave Passenger/Performance tire.


The tires are cheap; there is no doubt about that. But quality is not very high either. Although some tires in the Silver and Rocky series are good, users have a problem with a lot of other tires. It may be a good decision to buy an Arizonian tire if you are hard pressed for money and need a tire urgently. Otherwise, these tires are not the top of list materials. They are decent, though, satisfactory even in many cases. But they do not have anything extraordinary that completely convinces a person, unless a brilliant salesperson is involves, shelling out money in favor of this tire. To put it in a word, the tires are good and reliable but do not bet your money on them.

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