Tire Return Standards for Leased Cars

Leasing a car has received a bad reputation from many buyers. It’s no wonder that it seems less like an agreement to use a car for a specific period of time and more like a finance agreement gone wrong because you didn’t understand the terms and conditions!!

Before you start contemplating about your next car, make sure to take your reading glasses out and re-read the lease agreement. Everything should be in exactly the same condition as it was when given to you, this includes tires, rims etc.
Fair “wear and tear” claims the proper condition of tires, companies understand that scuffing will occur but everything must either be maintained or repaired in the case of damage. Any cost towards this repair will be less than that presented to you after the inspection. Tire standards in majority of the cars leased state that the tires must not be changed other than the ones recommended for the car. Therefore, if you have changed the tires, the original ones must be replaced before returning the car.

Advice for wheel trims state that any broken of scuffed wheel trims are not acceptable and sufficient charges would be taken on if not repaired before showing your dealer. Some drivers need to hit the curbs to know where to stop, trims get damaged and things get out hand.

Wheels demand that you keep them clean, this may be insignificant of a detail but the accumulation of dust and pollutants cause corrosion and rusting. This can also cause damage to your tires and rims. Overall state of tires must be as original as possible. This is a must for 80% of all cars.

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