Low Profile Tires?

Okay so yes, everyone likes big tires; big tires seem much cooler than smaller safer ones!!! It comes as no surprised when you see teenage boys spend so much money on their cars and even they evolve into men, nothing changes. Boys have their toys—rims and low profile tires and men have overall hardcore vehicles designed to kill the road!!

What are low profile tires and why might an individual choose them?

Low profile tires are essentially described as tires having specially a short sidewall height. This can also be defined as the low “Aspect Ratio” in tire jargon. Shorter sidewalls result to sharper handling but also give a rougher ride i.e. the smoothness will be interchanged for a rough ride, the road then is able to transfer every bump and road flaw directly to the vehicle suspension, causing you to be more attentive whilst driving because the stakes just got higher.

For most people having low profile tires is just simply for show!! Many people like the way they look on a car. Therefore it can be said that they are all about the physical appearance and functionality than safety and comfort. The bigger the wheel the smaller the profile will be of tire. This, in turn equals to shorter sidewalls. This is especially good for sports cars, it does mean however, that your tires will lack any form of longevity and may need to be replaced frequently. It is alright for anyone who is a millionaire!! But for the rest of the consumer pool, it is safe to say you will only purchase low profile once or twice and it will be only due to the fact that they look good and high speeds can be reached within seconds.

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