How important is Car Tires Attractiveness?

Attractiveness, any shape or form is appealing to the one that witnesses it. Women think about being attractive more than men, who only ever think about simply “looking good”. How any drivers actually think about Car Tire Attractiveness? Not many now that you come to think of it.

Recent research shows that only 49.8% of males in America, 47% of males in Great Britain and 20% of the males in Canada think about “updating—pimping their cars!!” Not surprisingly enough though, women are in much less percentage. For men, the car represents their status, well-being and can be thought of as their property which has gained their efforts in looking the best.

The statistics prove that for men car attractiveness is very important. However, what surprises anyone the most is the fact that tires are seen as the platform of attractiveness before any other thing in a car. Fantastic rims, top of the line tires and a ground-breaking sound system are some of the things men look for in a good car. Mileage, car interiors and the drive of the car are minor factors and seem to reside within mature men.

It is no wonder that many men go to any lengths to decorate their beauty bombshells!! No price can be put on looking good and to get a 4 lusciously shiny new rims—20-22 inch in size, can cost you anywhere from $700-$15,000!! Getting tires for sports or luxury cars also fall in this range.

Tire manufacturers have been booming since business has been so good, men and women of all ages come to purchase expensive looking tires and rims all for show and competition.

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