How can Tire Scuffs be avoided?

Tire scuffs are normal. This must be good news for those individuals who have suffered at the hand of countless scuffing marks on their tires!! What you should keep in mind is that your tires are as important as any other part of your car. Therefore maintain your car tires rather than having to end up replacing them.

The best advice to avoid tire scuffing is keeping your tires clean!! Cleanliness cannot be overemphasized, because it results to other concluding factors. When, however, you keep your tired clean, the rims and tires won’t suffer much wear and tear. They will only be exposed to road surfacing and that will constitute normal abrasion.

Tires need regular care and cleaning, car washes and weekly “TLC treatments” are perfect to keep them looking brand new and looking fresh. Next piece of good advice would be to maintain tires. Maintaining tires consists of three main things: Rotation, Inflation Pressure and Repair. Rotation also depends on Tire Alignment. Make sure you align your car tires every month or so to ensure efficient rotation of tires. Rotate your tires every time you go for an oil change, this habit will reduce 45% of deterioration resulting in damage.

Tire pressure must be maintained to ensure that the car travels at maximum speed and at a proper pace. The air pressure on all four tires including the spare should be checked at least once a month. Only 1 out 7 drivers does this consistently indicating a lack of responsibility and recklessness.

Lastly repair must be made on any damage done to the tires. Leaving it unattended only worsens your chances of having an accident and suffering an injury!

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