Mix Radial and Cross-Ply?

People always want the best of both worlds! Some are just not accustomed to the idea of either having your cake and being satisfied and want to eat it as well. The same thing applies for anyone who asks if they can mix and match radial tires and cross-plies. It is surprising for people to find out that when and if you do mix these two tire types instead of both types of advantages coming together, this is a recipe for disaster!

One word of advice—which should be followed strictly, never try to mix and match radial and cross-plies. Do not do such an action as this can severely deteriorate the handling and stability of the vehicle. It also causes extreme wear and tear, decreasing the longevity of the tires which were initially made to last as long as 50,000 miles will now barely last for 20,000 miles.

Quite a few individuals are misconceived about this procedure thinking that legally it is a problem. Legal issues won’t bother you if you do not mix these two types together, legality will become the only issue on your mind if you do, characteristically these two types are made for different function—to be carried out on two different cars!!

Safety is a major issue which you would put into jeopardy when you mix radial and cross-ply tires. Other issues can be of performance. The whole point of changing your tires is so that you can achieve or maintain the kind of performance your tires are made for. When you mix these two types you end up risking a decline in performance as well as login grip and control. Stability is nerved and not entirely satisfactory.

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