Pirelli Tire Review

After more than 20 years in the industry, Pirelli tire is now the fifth largest tire manufacturer in the world. An Italian company, Pirelli designs tires with OE fitments used by the most prestigious cars like Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi Quattro and more.

The good thing about these tires is that they hardly make a sound, providing a smoother driving experience. The asymmetric tread design allows better handling and braking of the car while the nano composites make driving much steadier than before. Pirelli tires perform well on most surfaces in all weather conditions, especially in rain. Pirelli tires are environment friendly and come with a 37% green performance turnover.

The negative thing about these tires is the reduced mileage they offer. They are also a bit pricier than most other brands available in the market. All in all, the performance of the tires is satisfactory, especially because the company offers a wide range of replacement tire models that can be used with most of the cars.

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