Michelin tire is a well known brand name in the United States. They have been known to provide satisfactory service and performance against affordable prices. However, nothing is this world is perfect and Michelin tire has its downsides. Nevertheless, the advantages offered by the tire of different terrains and load conditions make it a good product to have. Whatever may be the kind of vehicle you possess, be it a cycle, a motorbike or a heavy duty truck, Michelin has something good to offer to every user. Read on below for a fair and honest evaluation of the Michelin tire. You have the carte blanche to decide whether to buy the tire or not to buy. We are here just to report facts.

Strengths of Michelin tire

Well, let us begin on a good note. The major strength of the Michelin range is its performance and durability. Users have reported driving over 20,000 mile with no problem whatsoever and the tire still looks like it could run double the distance. As far as durability is concerned, the Michelin tires do not pose a problem. Another major strength of the tire, which is also one of the major drawbacks of many other tire brands, is the noise factor. Michelin tires make very low noise, which is almost negligible. Cost is another very attractive factor of the tire. For a low and affordable cost, you get something that is excellent and durable. The ride is smooth and rolling resistance is negligible. The tires have a good road grip on hard surfaces. The sidewalls hold up well too. Due to low rolling resistance, you can drive at high speeds on highways. The same quality also contributes to fuel efficiency of the vehicle. To put in the words of most of the users, the tire is “no nonsense”. Neatly designed, without excessive markings on the wheel or flashy accessories, the tire is high in performance and offers a good return on your investment.

Weaknesses of the Michelin tire

Although the tire is genuinely good in many aspects, the drawbacks are always worth knowing. The biggest problem with the tire, as reported by many users is its poor resistance to puncturing. Rough trails are challenging for it and this is especially true for cycles and motorbikes. The car tires are better but still poor for puncturing. Further, some of the tires in the Michelin range are not suitable for loose soils as they tend to lose grip and skid. So, if you are an adventure sport lover, or mountain biker, then you may do better by looking for another tire. Coupled with their tendency to puncture, some of the tires are just not made for rough trails and mountains. They are not very well cut for use on wet surfaces such as slush and wet grass. The makers do not promise that all the tires are meant for loose and wet soils. So, you cannot actually blame them, the design is meant for hard road riding. On cost, the tire is pretty affordable in the United States, but if you live in Canada, then you might have to shell out much more.

The Pilot range

The Pilot range of tires from Michelin is the flagship of the company. A number of varieties of tires such as Pilot Power 2CT, Pilot Power, Pilot Road 3, Pilot Road 2, Pilot Sport SC Radial and Pilot Sport SC are offered in the Pilot range and can be used for various purposes. These tires are suitable as performance tires and sports tires. These tires are good on wet surfaces as well as on dry and hard ones. They do not make noise and are high in comfort. The tread pattern is aggressive and can very well be used for all-terrain driving. With all the advantages, the Pilot range is one of the best series of Michelin and also one of the most widely used in America. On the flip side, the tire is not as affordable as the other tires in the Michelin range. Cold traction is poor. For a high performance tire, wear could have been better. In addition, a few users have reported a reduction in mileage after crossing 4000 miles. In extreme wet weathers, the tire can become slightly dangerous if you drive aggressively or brake suddenly.

Tires for bikes

Michelin offers a wide range of tires for motorbikes and cycles. Michelin Power One is a good tire for biking. It is made using Michelin Asymmetric Technology, in addition to several other technologies that lend it several positive features for biking. The tire was developed by testing the performance of the tire for 80,000 miles of use. Michelin Pro 3 is a tire for racing bikes. This tire has been provided with puncture resistance layering called HDPP, which makes it better than other Michelin tires in puncture protection.

Tires for cars

Michelin tires for cars offer a comfortable ride. Michelin Primacy MXV4 is an excellent car tire from the house of Michelin. It has been designed for all terrain use and provides enhanced road grip. The tire brakes well, although not immediately, when sudden brakes are applied while driving at more than 55mph. Michelin PS2 is a summer tire for the cars that gives high performance during the heat of summer. However, in comparison with other top brands, the performance fades in dry weather. In wet conditions, the tire shows surprisingly high results, making it more than just a summer tire.

Overall review

Michelin a dependable company with regard to tires for all sorts of vehicles, ranging from two wheelers to four wheelers and economy vehicles to luxury and sports range. They offer a great return on your money. However, not all wheels are perfect, as you can see from the limitations and weaknesses. Before purchasing, check the warranty. The tires are cost effective and good to use.


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