Michelin lasts

Michelin Tires are world renowned for performance, freedom of movement and efficiency. These tires are produced, manufactured and favored worldwide. With impressive technicality and exceptional quality, Michelin is not only top class in tire manufacturing but also one of its kinds. Founded in 1888, Michelin’s HQ is based in Clermont-Ferrand, France. With a annual revenue of €17.89 billion and a profit of €1.048 billion Michelin is famous for its world class service. What makes Michelin so special is that it has designed numerous tires suited to your specifications, whether it’s a 4×4, an SUV, a Fiat or an AUDI, Michelin tires will always have something to suit your car!!

The personal mission statement given indicates just how much it means to the Michelin Company that each manufacture and sale guarantees customer satisfaction.

“We have one profession and one mission: contribute to long-term progress in the field of mobility.”

- Édouard Michelin, 2002

Technicality Deconstructed: Long-Distance Tires

Michelin has produced these new age tires especially for the cars that travel long-distance and require a comfortable ride. The long-distance tires are especially designed to save fuel consumption and ensure high mileage.

Regional –Traffic / winter and Urban Traffic

Michelin recognizes the dire need of tires for the winter setting. Therefore, they have created tires suitable for those conditions: ensuring reliable breaking, a precise steering response and maximum traction to avoid any mishaps occurring on the road.

Construction and Off-Road Tires

With many individuals in the construction business Michelin has initiated the project of designing and producing tires that give a robust performance on and off the road. The tires come with super high mileage on the road, extra durability off road and there is a good combination of new tires and remolds to cater for specific needs and requirements.

Michelin is not simply one of the best in the market because everyone says it is. Michelin respects facts and demands objectivity and intellectual honesty, above and beyond predisposed ideas and opinions. Thereby, when Michelin develops tires, they put them to the test in real-world conditions. A factual outlook is a quintessential constituent of their progress and success. This hard-headed attitude is implemented throughout all of their activities, from research and development, through manufacturing and even to marketing products and services. It’s applied on a daily basis and over the long term, with team members, customers, partners, public authorities, journalists, etc.

Furthermore, when the question comes to mind as to “why should one purchase Michelin tires?” it is simple enough to say that Michelin ensure not only safety, but also longevity and efficient fuels saving. The safety is always a priority at Michelin. Drive on a set of MICHELIN ENERGY™ Saver tires and you’ll be able to stop shorter by up to 3 meters on wet roads. What’s more, Michelin tires just last and last and last! With up to 3 years warranty Michelin ensures that you can turn to them if your tires need a checkup!! The Michelin Energy Save tire is strong on fuel efficiency and can help save up to 80 liters of fuel.

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