Kumho tires, a Korea based tire maker, has managed to capture a huge customer base in the United States and not just because it offers tires at a very low cost. The tire has been high in performance as well. Headquartered in California, the company has offices in most of the cities in United States. With a line up of different types of tires suited for minivans, SUVs, sports vehicles and light trucks, Kumho offers a big choice range. Below given is a review of the different tires manufactured by the company.

The solus range

The Solus range of tires is the trademark of Kumho. The range consists of KH16, KR21, HP4 PLUS, KH21 and KH14 models, which are made in different sizes to suit sports cars as well as utility vehicles. Made with comfort, long wear and good traction in mind, the Solus range has garnered excellent reviews from users. The noise factor of the tires is also low. Solus KR 21 is a tire that is best suited for family vehicles. The advanced carbon tread provides excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. The grip on the road is great; the tire runs long and is dependable in al weathers. On top of that, the tire is very affordable. The Solus KR21 is the best in the Solus range. Solus KR14 does not sit well with a lot of users because it tends to be bumpy on the road and hence, is low in comfort. Further, tread wear occurs at 10,000 miles or less, which draws a blank with regard to ling life and durability. KH16, which has been advertised as a tire suitable for all weathers has not proved to be high in performance. The tire provides a low life, although better than KR14. 20,000 miles is the limit for the tire. HP4PLUS tends to be satisfactory to some while other users have come with a lot of complaints. The good thing about the tire is low noise and reasonable comfort. However, the tire is unsatisfactory with regard to tread wear and while driving on wet roads.

Eco friendly tires

If you are an environmentally friendly person and want to do your bit in preserving the environment, then Kumho tires are a good choice for you. The company has come out with eco-friendly tires in the Solus range called Eco Solus HM KR 22. Said to have a 100,000 mile tread wear, this tire is good in performance and indeed has a long life. It has been prepared using a special formula that has lends it along life and makes it environmentally friendly. Reviews for this tire are positive and users do seem to be impressed with the performance of the tire. Most of the users reported a healthy mileage when they shifted to this tire. The average for a family vehicle or a light four-wheeler when this tire is used is 58mpg. This environmentally friendly tire is available for minivans, luxury cars, sedans and cross overs.

Luxury car Kumho tires

For luxury cars, three varieties of tires are available from Kumho – Ecsta LX Platinum, the eco-friendly Eco Solus HM KR 22 and ecowing KH 30. The LX Platinum model has garnered an average rating of seven out of 10. However, while the tires are excellent and extremely satisfactory in terms of comfort, these desirable factors tend to decline with use. After 15,000 miles, the tires have been reported to becoming noisy. However, there are people who have driven up to 40,000 miles are reported that the tires are still in an excellent condition and noise free. A matter of opinion, you might say, or perhaps, a matter of usage. Nevertheless, the tire has reported problems in snow and wet weathers. In dry conditions, this is one of the best tires you can get. Ecowing KH 30 is an eco-friendly tire and does not contain much feedback. However, the tire is available in all-weather model and supposed to give a great return on your money. You can try it out, albeit at your own risk.

The Ecsta Series

In addition to Ecsta LX Platinum that is available in the luxury car division, the company offers other models such as XS KU36, MX KU15, LE Sport KU39, ASX KU21, SPT KU31, AST KU25 and STX KL12. All these are performance tires and meant for all season and all-terrain usage. However, noise is a major problem after you cross 40,000 miles. Some drivers have also mentioned difficulty in driving in very wet weather as traction declines. AST KU25 has been rates four stars out of five and the average rating for all other tires in this range is four. The biggest advantage of the tire is its affordability and as such, most users have mentioned this. Although one of the major factors that tilts the balance in favor of this range, it has proved good in many aspects. The ride is smooth with minimal bumps.

Light truck and SUV tires

The Road Venture Series is for light trucks and SUVs. These tires are supposed to be great for both on-road and off-road uses. The models available in this series are Road Venture SAT KL61, APT KL51, AT KL78 and MT KL71. Despite big claims, not many of these models are very satisfactory in performance. The wear is bad and so is the noise. However, APT KL51 is a satisfactory tire in this range and a good investment for your car. The others can be yours is cost is your single main criteria.


Solus KR21 comes with an 85,000 mile tread wear warranty. For the initial 25% of the wear, the company provides road hazard service and round the clock breakdown assistance. The warranty is provided for a couple of years, beginning from the day you make the purchase.


Kumho tires are a good buy since they are exceptionally affordable. Further, only certain types of tires in each range are high in performance. Initial performance is good but will time it declines and becomes noisy. You need to check warranty before purchasing. Nevertheless, the company does offer a few great models that are exceptionally high in performance while being attractive in their pricing.

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