How to Find Good Used Tires

Used tires are an excellent alternative to very expensive new ones if you can find a set that are in good shape, which is the key to acquiring these items. The following advice just possibly could come in handy.

1. What most people do not realize is that the major tire dealers also have used tires for sale. They do not advertise this of course, since it would take away from their new tire sales. Do not be afraid to stop into these types of stores that are located close to your home, and find out if they have what you are looking for.

2. We have all seen the little businesses on the side of the road that sell used tires. These types of establishments get wholesale used tires from the major tire dealers that are selling new tires. Sometimes they get a complete set of tires, but on most occasions they will only be able to acquire a single tire. If you are looking for a complete set, please be sure to read Tip 3 below. If you are only looking for a single tire, these types of businesses will usually have what you need.

3. If you know you are going to need a set of tires in the near future, and do want to have to purchase a brand new expensive set, there are alternatives. What you should do is to visit a few of the local “Used Tire” stores and provide them your tire specifications and the date you wish to purchase them. The owners of these businesses will then get on the phone to their dealers and see if they cannot find a cheap set for you.

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