Goodyear Tires

The tag of the world’s leading tire manufacturing units does not come easily, and Goodyear Tires is a company that has earned the right to be tagged in such a manner. With over 70,00 employees and as many as 57 world class manufacturing facilities over 23 countries, Goodyear is undoubtedly one of the mammoth global tire makers. Frank Seiberling sowed the seeds of Goodyear Tires in 1898, and named the company after the inventor of vulcanized rubber named Charles Goodyear. Since then, the company has grown into a full fledged tree with its roots deeply entrenched in the market. Today, Goodyear Tires is the third largest tire manufacturer across the globe, and hot in pursuit of the other two podium spots currently occupied by Bridgestone and Michelin.

Goodyear Tires have been known for their ease of maintenance and easy handling right from the first day they made their way to the markets. And it speaks volumes in favour of the company’s quality measures that the same parameters are still delivered upon, apart from several others as well. Goodyear Tires manufactures all kinds of tires. From people looking to purchase cheap tires as replacements for their infrequently driven vehicles to drivers wanting to buy reliable and sturdy winter tires, there is something for every category of needs as far as Goodyear Tires’ catalog is concerned. Apart from being one of the most respected and trusted suppliers of car and minivantires, Goodyear also takes care of the needs of SUVs and trucks. And then, there is a good mix of sports performance tires and winter tires from Goodyear on offer.

Apart from the quality of tires, Goodyear also deserves applauds for its intelligent marketing strategies. The company has been successful in penetrating the markets and ensuring easy availability of tires for its customers. Automobile owners are always on the lookout for cheap tires, and Goodyear has come up with the idea of a special credit card for its customers which lets them purchase any tires from Goodyear. This ensures that they get the world renowned quality of Goodyear tires, coupled with the psychological comfort of the thought of having purchased a set of relatively better and cheap tires.


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