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Goodyear tires – America on wheels

Goodyear tires in United States are some of the largest sold tires. If the sale figures are an indication of efficiency, then Goodyear has a lot in its favor. The company is over a hundred years old and all during the years, it has come up with products that have lasted the test of time. Innovations in tire manufacturing is the forte of Goodyear as they roll out tire after tire in different makes and models to suit the requirements of different vehicles. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects of the tire that may not tilt the balance in its favor. Well, we are not here on a character assassination drive. We are here to call a spade a spade and to offer you an unbiased review on various Goodyear tires. We are also not here to force our opinion on you. Read the review, assess the pros and cons and make your decision. After all, it is your vehicle. Who are we to choose?!

The Goodyear range

Goodyear has a considerable range of tires that make their presence felt in the automobile industry in a big way. The company manufactures tires for different types of vehicles such as passenger, SUVs, vehicles for the farm sector and cargo trucks. You can find good quality tires for all vehicles in the Goodyear range, be it a small car, vans, minibus, cargo vehicles or SUVs.

Car and minivan range

Goodyear has a decent range in car and minivan tires. The “Assurance” range of tires is good. Apart from the four variations, Assurance ComforTred Touring, Assurance Fuel Max, Assurance TripleTred and Assurance TripleTred All Season tires, the company manufactures the Integrity tire, which is good all season tire. Confortred can safely be said to be one of the best tires in this range. The features that attract customers to this tire are its durability and comfort. They are also effective, but not great, for driving in snow. The traction is excellent, though. However, this wonderful tire is expensive, just as many good things are. Fuel Max is a tire that has received a decent feedback from users. The tire is great in dry weather, good in wet weather and bad in snow. The treadwear, handling and comfort are acceptable but the noise that it makes it not. On the whole, this is a decent tire that can be invested upon, on the condition that you use it only in dry and moderate climates. The TripleTred tire is a good one. With good traction, handling, treadwear and low noise, this is a truly all-weather tire. With this one, you will not be disappointed, although you have to part with a bit more money for this.

Integrity cannot be integrated among the best or the good

Integrity tire, on the other hand, is positively scary and bad. There is nothing much to say about it except a warning “BUY AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK” and you better have insurance.

SUV/Truck range

The SUV/Truck range of Goodyear is huge. Fortera Tripletred is the good one in the range of Fortera tires. Being excellent in all weathers and all road condition, this is a perfect tire for your truck. The grip and traction are great; they look good and offer a comfortable drive. Now, with all these comforts, if you have to make a little adjustment with noise, then it is probably worth it. However, the off-road traction is positively bad, which may be a handicap, considering the vehicle is a truck. The other tires in the Fortera range are Fortera HL, which is alright and Fortera SL, which is not exceptional either. All these tires are unfortunately bad off-road. The Wrangler Range is the other SUV range in Goodyear. The tires in this range are Wrangler AT, which is good on and off-road, Wrangler AT/S (P), which is good in snow and alright on dry and wet conditions, Wrangler AT/S, which is similar to the prior model and Wrangler DuraTrac, which is great in snow and off-road conditions. The other tires in the Wrangler range are Wrangler HP, HP(P), HT, MT/R, RT/S(P), Radial, SR-A, ST(P) and Silent Armor. Most of the tires in the Wrangler range are okay for off-road driving except ST (P), which is bad for off-road conditions but is admirable silent. Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar is the best tire in this range.

Other tires in Goodyear

In addition to all the tires reviewed above, the company makes special tires for extreme winters and sports utility tires. Sports tires are great in traction but only not brilliant in comfort. However, for those who are enthralled by speed, this tire may be a good option. Nevertheless, there are other tires that are good for sports vehicles and perform better than Goodyear. Winter tires, as expected, are excellent in snow and ice traction. However, the tires are not very suitable once winter wanes. Also, the life is less.

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