Buying Car Tires

Tires are some of the most important parts of a car and the most important as far as the safety of the car is concerned. They can be a major factor in deciding whether your car moves smoothly or just wobbles. Every car owner or driver knows that bad tires are a recipe for car accidents. Every driver would wish to have tires that don’t skid on the road and those that will give him a good grip of the road.
Selecting car tires for your car is not an easy task especially for first time car owners. With price of goods having escalated so much in the last few years, no one wishes to buy car tires only to realize that they are not fit for your car or perhaps they were overpriced. One needs not be a car expert to be able to choose the right tire for your car though. Here are a few tips on what to look out for when selecting car tires.

What to remember
The first thing you must remember when buying car tires is the type you want. Without knowing the exact type of tire you want it is highly unlikely that you will choose the right tire. Basically there are three types of tires.
There are those tires meant for all seasons and all weathers. Such types of tires are designed to perform moderately well in almost all types of weather but they may not do well in extreme weathers. Extreme weather requires use of tires made specifically for he extreme weathers.

Then there are high performance or off road tires. These ones are designed to perform exceptionally well. Since they are mostly used in tourist vehicles, luxury cars and sports cars, they are designed in a stylish and appealing way.
The other type of tires is the heavy duty tires. These ones are designed to more durable than the common tires as they are meant to be used by vehicles that withstand large amounts of stress. They are normally used by long distance transporters that pass through rough roads and varying terrains while carrying heavy loads.

Before buying a tire fist consider the terrain of the place where you mostly use the vehicle. If the area is mostly rainy, you will obviously need tires that perform well under wet conditions. If your area is quite snowy you will need tires that can give you good performance even under extreme snow conditions. In case you move around quite a lot and experience different types of terrains and weathers it would be safest to go for all weather or all terrain tires.

If you are not an expert with car tires, replace your car tire with exactly the same kind of tire as was there before. The only exception to this is if the previous tire exhibited serious weaknesses that you would like to avoid this time around. All the brand information you might need is usually printed on the tires you are using. Such information includes the tire height, width and the diameter. It also contains some other important information like tire speed estimates, load ratings and many others. You may even be able to recognize the tire physically by looking at the design and the size.

You must also consider the durability of the tire. No one wants to buy a tire that will be out of use in a few days. Tires have different lifespans measured in miles, and in some countries, kilometers. Normally those with shorter life spans provide a very high performance on town environments. This is because they are normally manufactured for smooth rides, not necessarily for durability. You choose a tire with a lifespan that suits your needs. Again, the cost is a factor too as the more durable the tire the more it might cost.

The style and quality of the tire might be another factor to consider. This especially applies to sports car and luxury vehicles. If a car was designed for luxury you wouldn’t want to spoil the design by fitting it with some cheap looking tires. Touring cars fall in this category too. This does not mean all tires fitted should be sporty. You can choose rugged, modern or elegant tires depending on the design and style of your car. The bottom line is that the tire you choose should complement the looks of your car.

Another factor is tire ride noise. While it is true that all tires produce some noise, some produce more noise than others depending on the type of tread on it. The only way to know which tire tread produces the highest noise is by conducting some research. Before you walk into a tire shop to buy one, you should have known which tire tread produces the right amount of noise for you.

You must also consider speed rating. A tire speed rating the most appropriate speed at which one can safely can drive using the tire for a given period of time. The choice of speed ratings depends on an individuals driving patterns. Those who love driving at high speeds should choose tires with high tire speed ratings and vice versa to avoid accidents.

Fixing the tire
After you have bought the tires you will still need to fix them. Unless you very are good at this, leave it to the mechanic. The mechanic should be a professional one probably one who has dealt with such a problem several times before. Having one who deals with your car all the time is advised as he might notice if any problem develops.

When to change tires
Knowing exactly when to replace tires is important. Most people only rush to replace tires when they get punctured or are worn out completely. This is dangerous as it exposes you to the risk of accidents. The best time to replace your tires is when your tire tread becomes considerably small. You may also decide to change into a new tire just before you embark on a long journey to avoid the risk of getting a puncture on the way.

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