BF Goodrich Tires

About the company:

BFGoodrich, the first American tire manufacturer, has been operating since 1870. Michelin Group of France bought the naming rights in 1988 and have been operating the company ever since. The company manufactures tires for all different types of vehicles from off road vehicles, sports cars, sports trucks, passenger cars, pickup trucks, off road vehicles and family SUVs.

About its products:

Basically, BFGoodrich focuses on making tires that will not only perform well and provide comfort but at the same time also look superb and last a very long time. The durability of these tires is such that they may last you a lifetime. The following paragraph discusses the particular qualities of each of the company’s different product types.

The tires built specifically for sport cars are built to provide excellent traction and handling. According to Car & Driver, the g-force T/A KD model from this range of tires is the fastest tire on any production car. On the other hand, for passenger vehicles, BFGoodrich manufactures tires that offer durability and stability. Coming to SUVs, the company offers comfort, smoothness and a quality passenger ride. Tires built for sport trucks are designed to provide optimum wet and dry traction with good handling capabilities. Due to the nature of off-road going vehicles, specific tires are built that look tough and aggressive and provide superior traction even in the most extreme conditions. This makes BFGoodrich a very popular company amongst off-road racers. The company is now one of the top choices for street racing enthusiasts after rise in popularity of street racing and tuner cars.

Product reviews:

BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A KO – is a model which as the name suggests is as good on road as it is off road. While maintaining minimum noise level, it enhances cornering, handling and braking capabilities. Customers that have bought this tire show great satisfaction and the willingness to buy it again. This tire has a long life and increased durability and outstanding traction.

BF Goodrich Long Trail T/A – provides a quiet and smooth motorway ride with long mileage. They are designed to provide grip in all weather conditions. The asymmetric tread design minimizes motorway noise for a perfect journey.

BF Goodrich Macadam T/A – is a model which is equipped with a solid tread pattern in order to maximize the traction and control on most surfaces. To make the journey extra comfortable, specially designed grooves block out the road noise. This tire is enhanced with both dry and wet braking abilities which enable it to deliver consistent performance.

BF Goodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2 – is the ultimate off-road tire for hardcore off-road drivers. Built entirely for the purpose of going off-road, there is no obstacle too big for it.

The company’s ability make good looking and durable tires sets it aside from other manufacturers and leaves no other choice for people looking for that ultimate all-terrain experience. Having said that, all tires built for family cars are enhanced with noise cancelling and smoothness capabilities which makes BFGoodrich a highly successful tire company overall.

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